Customer: MediSystem Pharmacy™
– a Shoppers Drug Mart® Company,
pharmacy service provider to long-
“MediSystem was the first pharmacy in Canada to start us- ing a DP&P prescription ordering system in a long-term care Challenge: To replace pen, paper and
faxing with a faster, more accurate
Henry Leung, VP of IT at MediSystem
Solution: DIGIORDER, a solution
all these prescriptions had to be sorted service provider to long-term care facilities and inserted into resident charts again, thereby increasing the likelihood of error or digital pen and paper ordering system that Because doctors’ rounds in a long-term scriptions are recorded and filled. The appli- care facility involve many residents and Benefits: The pharmacy can reduce
cation, developed by InfoMax Technologies, an Anoto partner, allows doctors to fill out handled over a short period of time, there prescription forms for each resident visited was often a back log and, consequently, a in the facility, using Anoto Digital Pen and delay before all prescriptions were sent off to Paper technology (DP&P). The result is that prescriptions are delivered faster and more This could mean a long wait for residents accurately, improving the quality of care and in need of medication, while also increas- keeping a precise record of all medications ing the risk of errors in data transmission prescribed. Full deployment of the applica- between the long-term care facility and the tion began in February 2006 and it is now in use at over 95% of the facilities served by cies in the prescription records for each resident. Fax output at the pharmacy could be blurred, and often pharmacy staff had to Canada to start using a DP&P prescription call back the nurses at the long-term care ordering system in a long-term care environ- facility for clarification, causing more time on ment. Seeing how well it works, everyone is each side. Furthermore, there was no way interested in it and wants to adopt the same of guaranteeing that faxes “successfully” or a similar system. Once again, MediSystem transmitted were actually received by the is setting the norm in the industry”, says Henry Leung, VP of IT at MediSystem.
On the other hand, doctors were accu-stomed to using traditional pen and paper Background
to write prescriptions, finding it easy to fill Residents in long-term care facilities are out forms during their rounds of the wards. visited regularly by doctors, who assess Nursing staff were also familiar with the their condition and adjust their medications paper forms, which provided a written trace the InfoMax Digital Pen Platform located at or prescribe new medications according to of medications prescribed, to be kept on need. Until recently, these prescriptions were Initially, solutions with tablet PCs, mobile written out by doctors with regular pen and paper and had to be collected and collated How the new solution works
However, these options were discarded as by nurses, sometimes taking hours of work. The digital pen and paper solution consists they would definitely require more train- The nursing staff then faxed these prescrip- of digital pens and forms with Anoto’s unique ing and changes in behavior on the part of tions to the pharmacy manually, which also pattern, (featuring multiple blanks with doctors and nursing staff. Additionally, these free spaces so that they can be used over other technologies would be more costly to a period of time), a dedicated InfoMax data procure, and require more effort to imple- processing and delivery of the medications transmission appliance as a docking station ment, time to deploy, as well as time and from the pharmacy side. After faxing them, for the pen, connected via secure Internet to Partner profile:
InfoMax Technologies Corporation, based in facilities’ business, while new business is Toronto, Canada, is an Anoto partner. It is the ment to many locations in a short period of generated through marketing the DP&P leading digital writing solution provider in time. With the simple appliance set up, the technology to new long-term care facility Canada with solutions in use by thousands ongoing support cost is also greatly reduced. of users on a 24/7 basis, based on the Studies have shown that accuracy is the best unique InfoMax data transmission appliance and technology is the least intrusive with the Prescriptions arrive earlier in the day, which and InfoMax Digital Pen Platform. InfoMax allows the pharmacy to complete its work has one of the largest installation bases earlier and consequently reduce its opening of digital writing technology in Canada. Its facility, doctors carry a binder containing roots began in IT consulting, and it is one of forms with each resident’s profile informa- the most comprehensive companies in the tion. These forms are printed on paper with Key benefits for staff and residents
world of information communication and Anoto’s unique pattern. After seeing each For care providers, the challenges of adapt- systems integration. InfoMax is dedicated resident, the doctor writes down what medi- to implementing Digital Pen and Paper cation or treatment is needed on the resident technology and deploys digital writing form, using a digital pen. The pen looks and properly, they can continue to work in the solutions to principal Canadian businesses in feels like any regular ink pen, but contains healthcare and other market sectors. a tiny infrared camera and processor which enables it to “read” and digitize pen strokes the tedious work of compiling and faxing as they are written on the resident form.
prescriptions to the pharmacy is eliminated, At the end of the round, the doctor docks Customer profile:
the digital pen to the dedicated appliance at prescriptions is also eliminated, and the staff Founded in the late 1980s, MediSystem the nursing station. These appliances are can now review each resident’s prescription Pharmacy™ began as Queensway Centre installed at every nursing station in the facil- Pharmacy, a small retail pharmacy in ity. The prescription data contained within Also, the care providers no longer have to suburban Toronto in Canada. Its founder the pen is transferred via secure Internet shifted the company’s focus in the early to the InfoMax Digital Pen Platform located the drug record book as order confirmations 1990s to servicing long-term care facili- at MediSystem’s data centre. The nurse or are printed automatically. The new system ties. On August 31, 2004, the company doctor receives an automatic confirmation is time-saving and this fact, combined with was officially listed on the Toronto Stock that the data has been successfully trans- better access to information, ultimately leads Exchange (TSX), trading under the symbol mitted, along with a confirmation number for to better resident care. For example, resi- (MDY). In October 2006, MediSystem was dents experience fewer delays in receiving acquired by Shoppers Drug Mart, the biggest At MediSystem’s data centre, within the medication, since prescriptions are handled pharmacy chain operator in Canada. Since then, MediSystem Pharmacy™ operates as a scriptions are re-routed to the designated branch office of the pharmacy chain. Since Implementation so far
long-term care facilities are required to As of Q1 2009, over 1,100 pens are in use keep a record of the orders placed with the at hundreds of locations on a 24/7 basis, pharmacy, a confirmation is automatically Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology
technology gains recognition. MediSystem An Anoto Digital Pen looks and feels like a is printing over 100,000 forms with Anoto’s normal ballpoint pen. However, it contains care facility, nursing staff can check the an integrated digital camera, an advanced delivery against the printed confirmation to image microprocessor and a Bluetooth® make sure nothing is missing. The InfoMax transmitter. Any paper can be used with a Digital Pen Platform and IT infrastructure at DP&P applications – including resident digital pen, if the Anoto dot pattern is added MediSystem are designed to be highly scal- admission forms, which have been in use at to the layout before printing the paper. The able and able to handle the ever increasing long-term care facilities since July 2008. This Anoto dot pattern consists of numerous is another cost-effective tool, since the same black dots that can be read by the digital pen, but are almost invisible to the naked eye. The Key benefits for MediSystem
being used. Furthermore, a special “Tamiflu pen reads the pattern and registers what and MediSystem has seen a significant increase dosage form” (for administering anti-influ- in productivity as a result of this applica- enza drugs to residents) was implemented tion. It saves the nurses’ time and allows quicker resolution of questions and queries. Furthermore, DP&P gives MediSystem a Anoto Group AB is the company behind and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables
fast and reliable conversion of handwritten text into digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 80 employ-
ees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo.


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