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Inj. NORPHRIN (Noradrenaline Bitartrate 2mg/ml, 2ml Amp.) Inj. EPHRIN (Adrenaline 1mg/ml, 1ml Amp.) Inj. DOBUMON (Dobutamine HCL 50 mg/ml, 5ml Amp.) Inj. DOPAMON (Dopamine HCL 40 mg/ml, 5ml Amp.) Inj. ANITROP (Atropine Sulphate 0.6 mg/ml, 1ml Amp.) Inj. ANITROP (Atropine Sulphate 0.6 mg/ml, 10 ml Vial) ANTI-BACTERIALS
Inj. TRONE-125 (Ceftriaxone Sodium-125 mg) Inj. TRONE-250 (Ceftriaxone Sodium-250 mg) Inj. TRONE-500 (Ceftriaxone Sodium-500 mg) Inj. TRONE-1000 (Ceftriaxone Sodium-1000 mg) Inj. EFETEX-1000 (Cefotaxime Sodium-1000 mg) Inj. Baxon-375 (Ceftriaxone+Sulbactum-375 mg) Inj. Baxon-750 (Ceftriaxone+Sulbactum-750 mg) Inj. Baxon-1500 (Ceftriaxone+Sulbactum-1500 mg) Inj. Tazosafe-281.25 (Ceftriaxone+Tazobactam-281.25 mg) Inj. Tazosafe-562.5 (Ceftriaxone+Tazobactam-562.5 mg) Inj. Tazosafe (Ceftriaxone+Tazobactam-1.125 gm) Inj. SAFEZONE-1 gm (Cefoperazone+Sulbactum-1 gm) Inj. SAFEZONE-1.5 gm (Cefoperazone 1 GM +Sulbactum-0.5 gm) Inj. SAFEZONE-2 gm (Cefoperazone+Sulbactum-2 gm) Inj. CLAVMOX 150 (Amoxycillin + Pot. Clavulanate 150 mg) Inj. CLAVMOX 300 (Amoxycillin + Pot. Clavulanate 300 mg) Inj. CLAVMOX 1.2 (Amoxycillin + Pot. Clavulanate 1.2 gm) Inj. P-TAZ-1.125 (Piperacillin + Tazobactam 1.125 gm) Inj. P-TAZ-2.25 (Piperacillin + Tazobactam 2.25 gm) Inj. P-TAZ-4.5 (Piperacillin + Tazobactam 4.5 gm) Inj. CEFUR-250 (Cefuroxime Sodium 250 mg) Inj. CEFUR-750 (Cefuroxime Sodium 750 mg) Inj. CEFUR-1500 (Cefuroxime Sodium 1500 mg) Inj. CILASPENEM (Imipenem + Cliastatin 1000 mg) Inj. MIKAMON-100 (Amikacine 100 mg/2ml Vial) Inj. MIKAMON-250 (Amikacine 250 mg/2ml Vial) Inj. MIKAMON-500 (Amikacine 500 mg/2ml Vial) Inj. CLINTAGE (Clindamycin 150 mg/ml, 2ml Amp., 4ml Amp.) Inj. MOTIMICIN (Gentamicin 40 mg/ml, 2ml Amp.) Inj. TOBRAMON (Tobramycin Sulphate 40 mg/ml, 2ml Vial) ANTI-MALARIALS
Inj. ALPHATHER (Arteether 75mg/ml, 1ml Amp.) Inj. ALPHATHER (Arteether 75mg/ml, 2ml Amp.) ANTI-VIRALS
Inj. ACYTAGE (Acyclovir Intravenous Infusion 250mg, 500mg) PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS / ANTACIDS
Tab. PANTAMON-D (Pantoprazole 40mg+Domperidon 10mg) Inj. ACIMON-50 (Ranitidin HCL 25mg/ml, 2ml Amp.) GASTRO-INTESTINAL
Inj. OCTRIMON (Octrotide 50 mcg/1 ml, 100 mcg/1 ml) STEROIDS
Inj. MONPRED (Methylprednisolon Sodium Succinate 40mg) Inj. MONPRED (Methylprednisolon Sodium Succinate 1G) Inj. NDNATE (Nandrolone Decanote 25 mg/ml, 1ml Amp.) Inj. NDNATE (Nandrolone Decanote 50 mg/ml, 1ml Amp.) Inj. MONCORT (Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate 100mg, Vial) ANIT-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS
Inj. DIPAR (Diclofenac 25 mg/ml, 3ml Amp.) Inj. DIPAR (Diclofenac 25 mg/ml, 30ml Vial) MUCOLYTICS
Inj. VISCONAC (N-Acetylcysteine 200mg/ml, 2 ml Amp.) ANTI-EMETICS
Inj. ONDAN (Ontansetron 2 mg/ml, 2 ml Amp. ) Inj. ONDAN (Ontansetron 2 mg/ml, 4ml Amp. ) Inj. ONDAN (Ontansetron 2 mg/ml, 10 ml Vial ) ANLAGESICS
Inj. TRAMON-50 (Tramadol 50 mg/ml, 1ml Amp. ) Inj. TRAMON-100 (Tramadol 50 mg/ml, 2ml Amp. ) CNS DRUGS
Inj. METANEUR (Methylcobalamin 500 mcg/ml, 1ml Amp., 2ml Amp.) Inj. METANEUR (Methylcobalamin 500 mcg/ml, 2ml Amp.) Inj. GLYMITOL (Monnitol with Glycerin 100ml) Inj. MONOTAM (Piracetam 200 mg/ml, 15 ml Amp.) Inj. MONOTAM (Piracetam 200 mg/ml, 60 ml Vial) Inj. MONTOIN (Phenytoin 50 mg/ml, 2ml Amp.) Inj. MONCOLINE (Citicoline 250 mg/ml, 2 ml Amp.) Inj. MONCOLINE (Citicoline 250 mg/ml, 4 ml Amp.) IRON SUPPLEMENTS
Inj. EXPRESS-HB (Iron Sucrose 20 mg/ml, 2.5ml Amp.) Inj. EXPRESS-HB (Iron Sucrose 20 mg/ml, 5ml Amp.) ANTI-COAGULANTS
Inj. MON-PARIN (Heparine Sodium 5000 IU/5ml, 5 ml Vial) Inj. MON-PARIN (Heparine Sodium 25000 IU/5ml, 5 ml Vial) DRUGS FOR HEPATIC DISORDRS
Inj. TRANXID (Tranexamic Acid 100 mg/ml, 5ml Amp.) Inj. VITADIONE (Phytomenadione 1 mg/0.5 ml, 0.5 ml Amp.) Inj. VITADIONE (Phytomenadione 10 mg/ml, 1 ml Amp.) ANXIOLYTICS
Inj. LORZEPAM (Lorazepam 2 mg/ml, 2 ml Amp.) DIURETICS
Inj. FRUSEE (Frusemide 10 mg /ml, 2 ml Amp.) Syr. FRUSEE (Frusemide 10mg/ml, 30 ml Syrup) HORMONAL PRODUCTS
Inj. PROGET (Progesterone 50 mg /ml, 1 ml Amp.) Inj. PROGET (Progesterone 50 mg /ml, 2 ml Amp.) ANTIDOTE TO POISONING
Inj. MANOPAM (Prolidoxime lodide 500mg /20 ml Amp.) Inj. MANOPAM-DP (Prolidoxime Chloride 1 gm Vial) AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
Inj. AZTREONAM (Aztreonam Injection 1 g Vial) Inj. ETAMSYLATE (Etamsylate Injection 125mg/ml, 2ml Amp.) Inj. SCHOLINE (Succinyl Choline Chloride 50mg/ml,10 ml vial) Inj. MONPRESSIN (Terlipressin Injection 100 mcg/ml, 10 ml vial) Inj. NETIL (Netilmicin injection 100 mg/ml, 2 ml Amp.) Inj. CEFPIROME (Cefpirome Injection 1g vial) Inj. MPMON-250 (Ampicillin & Cloxacillin 250 mg) Inj. MPMON-500 (Ampicillin & Cloxacillin 500 mg) Inj. MPMON-1g (Ampicillin & Cloxacillin 1000 mg) Inj. MPMON-3g (Ampicillin & Cloxacillin 3000 mg) Inj. ANBOL-25 (Nandrolole Phenylpropionate Injection 25 mg/ml) Inj. ANBOL-50(Nandrolole Phenylpropionate Injection 50 mg/ml) Cap. EMVITAL (Ginseng,Pine bark Extracts, Anti Oxidants, Multivitamin, Multimineral Caspsules) Tab. NUTRIMON (Methylcobalamine,Alpha lipoic acid,Folic acid, …………………….Pyridoxine,Thiamine Tablets)


One of the largest coal-fired boiler in the tohoku region, was swinging

Digest of an article titled “Major Adventures by Niche Chemical Companies”One of the largest coal-fired boilers in the Tohoku Region (Northeastern part of Japan’smain island), standing 40 meters high in Kureha’s Iwaki Factory, was swaying fromside to side. Pieces of metal were falling down to the ground, steam was blowing outfrom broken pipes and the large stack seemed to collapse at a

Microsoft word - glucocorticoid effect on bone and glucose levels _und res j human sci vol 1_.doc

Running head: GLUCOCORTICOID EFFECT ON BONE Glucocorticoid Effect on Bone and Glucose Levels in Glucocorticoids are among the most potent and widely used immunosuppressant drugs available but have many detrimental side effects; however, only limited data are available on intervention studies to prevent these life-long side effects from occurring. The purpose of this study was to test an exper

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