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Welcome to New Horizons Women’s Care. We are a group practice, comprised of Board Certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. You may choose to see any or all of us during your pregnancy and we look forward to meeting you and your new addition! Please visit our website for more details about our providers as well as other helpful and fun information about your pregnancy. During your pregnancy, we will be scheduling office visits every four weeks until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly thereafter. We may see you more frequently if you are having any problems. We will be performing routine blood work at your first visit as well as a pap smear and routine cultures. During early pregnancy you will be offered first trimester Down’s Syndrome screening. At approximately 16 weeks, you will be offered other optional testing which is detailed in a separate form enclosed with this packet. We will review your results at your next visits and will only notify you by phone if there is an abnormal result. Drs. Andrew Villa, Karen Ragaini, Celina Reyes-Hailey, Gerald Pass, Monte Swarup, Bruce Eich, Robert Marotz, Ernestine Bustamante-Roman and Matt Moore share similar practice philosophies for both office and hospital obstetric care. One physician is designated “on call” each day and is scheduled to be available for hospitalized patients; that doctor will attend your delivery. This ensures the physicians are well rested to provide exceptional care to you and your “growing” family as well as have time to spend with their families. We deliver at Chandler Regional Hospital (CRH). You can call 480 728-3935 to arrange a tour of the facility. Emergencies
For a life threatening emergency, DIAL 911. Please go to the emergency room after any motor vehicle accident or
trauma. If you have an emergency after regular office hours, you may reach a nurse by calling the answering service at 480 303 1599. This number is for emergencies only, please call for routine questions and prescription refills during regular
office hours. The nurse will not be at the office and will not have access to your chart.
The average weight gain for pregnancy is 20-35 pounds. You may gain more or less, if you are under or overweight at the beginning of your pregnancy. Do not think of it as eating for two, but you will need to eat approximately 15% more than prior to pregnancy. Remember to drink plenty of water. This helps prevent urinary tract infections, as well as symptoms of
dehydration (contractions, headaches, dizziness, etc.)
If you currently have an exercise program, you may continue it throughout your pregnancy, with some modifications that you should discuss with your provider. Walking and swimming are good forms of exercise. You should always keep your heart rate under 150 beats/minute.
Do’s and Don’ts
Please avoid hot tubs and cleaning cat litter boxes during your pregnancy. Hair dyes/coloring and nail care are okay. Traveling is OK until 32 weeks as long as you have no medical problems, but please confirm with your provider at your visit.
If you have signs/symptoms of labor, you do not need to call our office, please go directly to labor and delivery. If you have any questions regarding your pregnancy, please write them down and discuss them with your provider at your next
visit. If you are having problems that cannot wait until your next visit, we will return your call in a timely fashion.
Third trimester information
Discharge: Mucous discharge is normal in late pregnancy and could include a mucous plug.
Bleeding or Leaking: If you experience significant vaginal bleeding, leaking of fluid, please go directly to the hospital.
Contractions: Less than 36 weeks- if you have contractions every 15 minutes for at least one hour, eat something and drink 32 oz. of water and rest on your side for one hour; If no improvement, go directly to the hospital. Greater than 36 weeks- if you have contractions every 5 minutes for at least one hour, go directly to the hospital. Baby movements: If your baby is less active than normal in the third trimester, eat something and drink 32 oz. of water and rest on your side for one hour. If you do not notice at least 5 movements in an hour or the movements are still less than normal, go directly to the hospital. If it is recommended that you go to the hospital, the hospital will contact the doctors. You do not need to call prior.

Common Problems and Safe Treatment/Medications
One of the most frequently asked questions is “what medications are safe to take while I am pregnant?” This list includes
safe over the counter medications that you may take as directed for common symptoms without asking. If you are on
prescription medication or take another OTC medication that is not on the list, please discuss this with your provider. We recommend that you not smoke, drink alcohol or take herbal supplements during your entire pregnancy for the best interest of your health and your baby’s health.
Problem Treatment
Medications (take as directed)
In pregnancy, anemia is usually a result of low iron in the Niferex-150 (available in generic for ½ the cost blood and you may be advised to take one of the iron supplements listed. In addition to these medications, eating Feosol a diet with increased amounts of iron would help. When increasing your iron intake be sure and increase fluids, fiber, and fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation. Continue to take your prenatal vitamins in addition to these Treat the symptoms of your cold. Increase your fluid intake. Chlortrimeton Water and an 8 oz. glass of juice will help decrease congestion. Avoid dairy products as they increase the congestion. A steam vaporizer w/Vicks vaposteam humidifier may be helpful. Call if symptoms persist, fever of 101 or greater, productive cough, or trouble breathing. When purchasing cough medicine, be sure that it contains NO ALCOHOL. Gently gargle with warm salt water. These medications will make you more comfortable Increase the amount of fluids you drink, especially water. Also increase the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole Increase your fluid intake to replace lost fluids. Rest your intestinal tract fort 12-24 hrs without food or eat the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). If diarrhea persists Eat small frequent meals. Try drinking fluids apart from your meals. Call if you are vomiting for greater than 24 hours or have a fever greater than 101oF Classic Coca Cola, Ginger Ale Ginger Syrup (available at Health Food Store) Dress lightly, increase fluids, take lukewarm baths, can call Regular Tylenol or Extra-Strength Tylenol as per if your temperature is over 101 for more than 24hrs. Avoid spicy meals. Eat small frequent meals. Avoid lying down immediately after eating. May take 1 ounce of antacid Maalox/Mylanta (I&II) Remember good posture and good body mechanics. Use Regular Tylenol or Extra-Strength Tylenol as per of maternity girdle may help. Apply a heating pad to the



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