The meeting was opened by President Bev at 10.05 a.m. who welcomed those present with a special welcome to our guests Jill and Roger Lockwood, Peter and Joy Molloy and Carol Lovegrove. A minutes silence was held in memory of our respected member the late Ed Thompson who recently passed away. Bev mentioned that she had a most enjoyable holiday and thanked Vice President Wilf for stepping in in her absence and all members who assisted. Bev also advised that, with regret, the club had received the resignations of Carol and Ray Hodge and thanked John Brown for stepping in as Secretary in the absence of Fred Pearce, who together with Carole was enjoying the warm weather in Boston, and our Greeters for this month Rae and Ron Harrison and morning tea assistants Dorothy and Phil Tocknell. Mi s The minutes of the June 2012 meeting had been posted to the website and copies provided to members without internet facilities. The minutes were confirmed on a motion by John Brown and seconded by Wilf Seelig. President Bev reminded members to advise their emergency details to Secretary Fred A.S.A.P. Att n e: There were 66 members in attendance with 5 guests. i s: There were 27 apologies from members and 4 absentees. u er: Treasurer Terry Starling advised that the balance at Bank as at the meeting date was $5589.43 less unpresented cheques of $192.00 and function advances of $979.00. The report was received on the motion of Terry Starling and seconded t : Freya Green gave a report on the recent survey for which 66 members responded. President Bev that Freya Green, Cathy Cassar and Barbara Amiet for the work undertaken with this important aspect of the club’s activities. Freya advised that the first coffee club event was to be held on Wednesday 4th July at the Glen Shopping Centre - all welcome. Other suggestions will be investigated and put in place and as when time permits. John Brown advised members that names were important for the upcoming trips to Flemington Racecourse, Port Stephens and the proposed Mediterranean Cruise next year. Noeline Reeves advised that payment for the Peridot Theatre for the “Shell Seekers” was now due and that tickets were available at $51 per member for the stage show ”Barrassi” on the 3rd October 2012. Noeline also advised that the first picture theatre day was to be held at Pinewood on the 17th August at 10.30 am at a cost of $9.50 – all members most welcome. Rae Bardwell gave a report on the card group and was pleased to inform members that it was a successful event and invited more members to attend at the NH Tennis Club on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. President Bev reminded members that payment for Zest dinner on 23rd July was required and that member should put down their names for the proposed lunch at “Cocomos” on 11th September. Wilf Seelig advised members of the proposed new Membership Booklet with a photograph of the members. A specimen of the booklet was shown and Wilf advised that the photograph was optional and those members not wishing to have their photo in the booklet should advise appropriately. Barry Reeves confirmed the next golf day will be at Garfield on John Brown gave members an update on the Constitution. President Bev thanked Harry Sherrard for looking after the guest speaker role while Gerry is on holidays and advised that our next guest speaker will be Elida Brereton ex Principal of Camberwell High School who will give a talk on a T.V. School Series. The meeting then adjourned for morning tea. Gue k r: Following morning tea Harry Sherrard introduced the Guest Speaker, our very own Freya Green, who gave a most interesting talk on her experiences with dementure patients and in particular the personal care of her late mother. The talk was most informative and the members were most appreciative of the professional way the subject was presented. A vote of thanks was moved by Sue Saunders who presented Freya with a gift of appreciation. President Bev then closed the meeting at 12 noon. The next meeting will be held at the Mulgrave Country Club on Monday 6th August at 10.00 a.m. John Brown (Acting Secretary)

Source: http://www.nottinghillprobus.org/archive/201207.pdf


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