Tips für das Club 41 International AGM in Lusaka /Sambia
Herewith a few titbits about Lusaka, where this year's AGM will be held.
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Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, is located on a limestone plateau 4,198 feet (1,280 meters) above sea level. It lies at
the junction of the Great North Road, which runs to Tanzania, and the Great East Road, which goes to Malawi. The
capital covers an area of over 70 km2 and is one of the fastest-growing cities in central Africa. Lusaka enjoys a
wonderful climate with warm, sunny summers and mild winters with loads of sunshine. Lusaka was founded by
Europeans in 1905 and is the name of the headman of a nearby African village. Its main growth occurred after 1935,
when it replaced Livingstone as the capital of the British colony of Northern Rhodesia. Today Lusaka is a very busy
metropolis with a population of about 2 million inhabitants and an incredible mix between old and new. The fast-
growing industrial development has brought together people of many nationalities, making it a bustling centre for
economic, political and cultural activities.
The unit of currency is the Kwacha (approx K5,000/US$). The Kwacha is a convertible currency. The rate of exchange has remained stable for the past few years, though in previous years it has moved considerably over short periods of time. There are bureaux de change available for converting currency which generally give a better rate than the banks. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, travel agents and in some of the larger shops.
Health Info
Provided that necessary precautions are taken, health is not generally a concern in Zambia. However, caution must be taken when travelling around Zambia outside of the major towns and cities. There are pharmacies in Lusaka, it is not necessary to bring a supply of any special medications taken unless one is already on a specific medication as prescribed by own doctor in country of residence.
Malaria is one of the most common and serious of the tropical diseases endemic in Zambia. Prophylaxis is recommended and bed netting, window screens and insect repellent are encouraged. Malaria is rarely caught in the affluent residential areas of Lusaka, but care must be taken when travelling out of the city. The Conference venue provides bed nets, and mosquito repellent gels are off-counter products available in all shop outlets.
Anti-malarial tablets are available in Lusaka. The most common prophylaxis used in Zambia are proguanil (paludrine), fansidar, halfen and mefloquine (lariam). While petty crime like pick-pocketing is a factor of life in Lusaka (like many cities of its size and bigger), these are generally not violent incidents, and can be avoided by practicing certain basic rules of self-protection, such as avoiding certain areas at night; keeping car doors locked and windows up; and not leaving money or jewellery lying around. It is advisable to use safe deposit facilities in hotel rooms.
The international airport at Lusaka has scheduled flights daily to South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia as well as three times a week direct flights to London. There are no direct flights to mainland Europe and Asia. Flights are also available internally to Livingstone, the Copperbelt and various game parks. Chartering of small planes to game parks and other tourist destinations is easy and relatively cheap.
There are plenty of restaurants in Lusaka which range from small cafes to smart restaurants. Chinese and Indian restaurants are particularly plentiful, as are steak restaurants. The hotels offer more elegant eating, and the shopping malls have some fast food restaurants such as Subway, Steers and Debonairs pizzas. Some of the pizza restaurants will deliver to your home.
There are various nightclubs in Lusaka and one Casino. The newly opened ‘Arcades’ offers a cinema with recently released movies, restaurants and bars. There are also video rental shops around Lusaka where both videos and DVDs can be hired.
The electricity in Zambia is 220 volts, 50 cycle and outlets require British-style square pin plugs. Transformers may be needed for some American appliances and these are available from the school.
The supply of electricity can be erratic and surge protectors are advisable, particularly for TV/stereo, fax and computer equipment. Power failures are common in the rainy season, but the 41 Club AGM will be held prior to the rains.
There are several internet service providers in Zambia. Due to the nature and poor quality of most landline connections, the internet does tend to be slow. There are also internet cafes in the shopping malls.
The more interesting shopping facilities are situated on Great East Road: Manda Hill Shopping Complex as well as The Arcades Shopping Complex. There is another smaller shopping centre located at Kabulonga, along Leopard’s Hill Road. Galleries and gift shops as well as art markets are spread all over town.
The main sport facilities are golf, tennis, squash, horse riding, swimming and fitness centres.
Below are but a few places of interest in Lusaka: National Museum Lusaka
Exhibition of various objects of the time of independence struggle. Picture gallery and exhibitions from time to time. Free entry.
Official opening hours: 09:00-16:30 hrs (but often closed). The museum is situated on Independence Avenue, to the right of Government House. Zintu Community Museum
Cha Cha Cha Road, Southend, between Katunjila Road and Ben Bella Road. Various art exhibitions. Opening hours: Tuesday through Friday 10:00-15:00 hrs. Namwande Gallery
On Leopards Hill Road, slightly out of town.
Kabwata Cultural Village
Burma Road, Corner Mboya Road, open daily. Previously the area where cultural dances were performed. Today local artists work and sell their art there.
Luburma Market
South of Independence Avenue. Biggest market in town, established since 1928.
Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Corner Independence Avenue and Chikwa Road. Built between 1957 and 1962. Laying of the foundation-stone by the late Queen mother. Parliament
Parliament Road. Guided tours every last Thursday of the month. Open to the public every Friday afternoon. Freedom Statue
This statue shows a man bursting the chains of colonialism. It is dedicated to the victims of the struggle for independence and is situated in front of the 20-storey Government House. University
The University of Zambia (UNZA) was officially opened in 1966. It is situated along the Great East Road past the Agricultural Showgrounds and the Arcades Mall.
Chilenje House No. 394
In the Southern suburb of Lusaka, Chilenje, Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda lived in House No. 394 between January 1960 and December 1962. Furniture and personal belongings of Dr. Kaunda's family are exhibited and can be visited during opening hours Wednesday through Sunday, 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00 hrs.
Munda Wanga Botanical & Zoological Gardens
Situated about 15km along Kafue Road, south of Lusaka. Has a good mix of botanical plants and animals, including lion, cheetah, baboon, hyaena, Bengal tiger, bear and a whole myriad of snakes, all behind secure fencing.
Information websites
The following websites could be useful as information sources on Lusaka in particular and Zambia in general, other than what is presented herein.

Source: http://www.old-tablers-germany.de/oldtablers/obj/PDF_Dateien/Tips_Lusaka.pdf


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