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This letter concerns construction of new linguistics which may ignore religion, perhaps where people constructtheir own belief systems and is about stating something to those who "have their cake and want to eat it aswell."! I demonstrate this through the following: George W Bush says he "talks to God" and says so! Priests say they "talk to God and hear him"!Question: Girl on religious radio advert. says she "walks down the street talking to God and hears him"!Question: So what is she really doing and assuming? No schizophrenic drugs have been tested throughout various successive generations and, like G.M. foods, have not been tested for damage to the body.
Yet they lock u s up for no violence at all, yet just saying, in their stuffed theories of "hearing voices" - when we say we do, when they first entrap us, that then we’re "in for life"! I have never heard voices because often they’re not voices that I’m detecting; it can be other things: for example: I detect heart or evil, good or bad in my inspheria; I can talk to a brick wall or a rock face, if I have to, because within everything, there may begood spirits.
Buddha, Jesus and Mahomet, if around today, would be on the disability pension, diagnosed as havinggrandiose, paranoid, psychotic ideas and like me, get very depressed - and getting their injections asschizophrenics (being driven up the wall, of course.) Psychiatry is a corporation, not a service, cruel, unchecked and reckless, like the pharmaceuticalcompanies that create rorts, and give paid lunches for the doctors to fill us with more of their syntheticrubbish, for destruction of our lives and family connections.
The lies and deceit of the professors, doctors and nurses and community workers, with their dark-ages,backward, horrifying sedation, which make one feel as though one’s veins are glued up, and simplydoes the worst thing that they probably discovered in Nazi Germany experiments, simply blocks theinspheria. This comes about as a result of some of the strong early case-use drugs, and some of themodern, experimental ones (i.e. 1. modicate-fluphenazine; 2. haliperidol-haldol; 3. clozapine.) Yes, we’re all guinea-pigs to their greedy corporate, multinational fraudulent so-called "health systems." Many taboos are because of fraud in society, world over.
Yes! There is insphere synth’ through the eyes and ears, with the heart to the 3rd eye! Yes, there are grav’/(gravity)- grav’bridges on which people fall into wrong choices, believing assubmissive, subservient fools. the voice they’re detecting is "God" or "Devil", and/or that they’re mad,and/or just imagining the inspheria reality, until they discover, as well. the grav’ bridge property ofsex-war in the end without drive or recognition or vitality, how to discover further knowledge and put itinto practice, as the true grav’ bridge snap on, or snapology, or of snapping to zero! All the grav’ gridge sex-war, all the loss of inspheria, peace and harmony from government, frommulti-national and small companies, from the community at large and from professors, doctors and nurses of the faculties, with their hyped-up fraudulent media, their lies, deceit, yupness, subversion, subterfuge and subjugation and victimising of us, and our original life-styles lost, will be paid for in the"dark matter" of the universe, as they would, put it on the ABC Science Show.
Dr. Norman Swan, of the ABC Medical hype, I believe has sold out to now become a trite jackass up"to the max’.’! Most white-man medicine speaks with forked-money-tongue and is a dark-ages garbagecon! We who know build only positively and therefore love our inspheria, but we don’t use it as an excusefor violence, rape or murder, then get off easily by claiming "insanity", having blamed "God" or "theDevil", having supposedly heard their "voices".
In the psychiatry faculty/corporation, they scapegoat, stereotype and victimise while living off ourbacks as though we’re weirdos or idiots, and what is the cost of this fraud, to Medicare, in our owngovernment systems? I can never have children while they’ve got me, or they’d get them too, with their pathetic, creationistgenetic garbage sedatives.
Let’s abolish Christmas Day and call it World Survival Day, and give presents and holidays as well.
Few people like me know what it’s like to be pursued, victimised and persecuted by the whole system atonce; family, government, community, it would seem to me, and ganged-up-on by that system.
The nurses lie, in their notes, at any opportunity, to keep us as their consumers in the system (more"customers"), such as the night I broke out through a window because they refused to give me my ownsimple Vitamin C tablets.
While no-one was around that night (nurses on duty, ignoring us as they watched videos in anotherroom), I used a chair to break out through a window, came back next day, and later found Id beenrecorded, in the nurses’ notes about the window incident, as having got "violent"; yet I didn’t - only onthe window! These sorts of unnecessary incidents go on all the time, although that hospital unit is now rebuilt toprevent such things - meaning that people get more frustrated and depressed and oppressed.
If and when we express our opinion then we’re cast as more ill and psychotic, and thus just results in asituation akin to a concentration camp/prison-like and communal ’brown-shirt’ approach of more tabletsand more injections, more frustration and more suicide and more oppression.
The psychiatric mob have no interest in the capability of their jobs, other than in theirnarrowly-established theories and practice, which seems not to give a damn. They don’t know andappreciate the bigger picture that their sort of ’witch-doctoring’ gives rise to. If they’re so good, why didone of my doctors commit suicide and why are musical bands, all over the world, going mad stealingmy influential linguistics, starting from the grav’ bridge/skin-finger-prodding and inspheria - i.e. theband name Powder Finger, and the -computer company name Spherion? In my opinion all their medication should be short-term and voluntary. They should never again useE.C.T. I believe that the truer answer is better education all round, from childhood up, civil anddomestic, family and community. (I think most of the psychiatric professionals are all GUMBIES!) The other part of the equation is legalisation of illegal drugs, such as cannabis, speed, LSD, hash andmagic mushrooms for 18 years and over.
Further, my opinion is that schizophrenia and depression are not diseases or illnesses, but that they areconditions which, in my personal experience of interaction with people, I’ve found can be cured witheven as little as five to ten minutes T.L.C. in discussion.
I am not mad; in fact I have friends who say I’m the sanest person they have known on the planet.
In music, over history, there is sanity of my type perhaps a little, in for example: Peter, Paul & Mary (& Bob Dylan) - "The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the Wind"; Someone, from around about Hollywood, did: "They call the wind ’Mariah"’ John Anderson, 70s band YES, in 1987/88, made a tape called "Big Generator" on which there was a song with the words, part thereof: "The Challenge is just to Chase the Sound." Viva the Min Min Lights, which I think are the sparks of the sex-warred spirits, never to rest in thedark-matter, until a true peace is attained, here and everywhere.
So where does this leave all the children and their future? And where does this leave me and my friends who consider that they can never have children, knowing what thesystem will do to them? All this results from bias, prejudice and bigotry over illegal drugs and people’s rituals associated with them


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