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P Bag 3774, Marondera, Zimbabwe. Tel/Fax: 263 (0)279-23599, Email: [email protected]
Beginning and End of Term

It is essential to the general discipline and welfare of the school that very strict control be maintained over late arrival or
early departure. At the beginning of each term, the girls must be back at the time stated (usually 17.30 hrs) on the date
given, though on the first day of a girl’s career at Peterhouse, the timing is different and you will be informed of this. At the
end of term no girl may leave, without my express permission, before she is signed out on the last day of term. The dates
of terms are given well in advance. Please arrange holiday plans to conform and do not make bookings, etc. which will
clash with these dates and times without previous reference to me. A girl may arrive late or leave early once only in her
career at Peterhouse but, again, permission must be sought from me. It is, of course, not advisable to do this in a year in
which she is sitting public examinations.

There are three Fixture Free Weekends per term (Friday to Monday). In addition, girls may take three other weekends
from either Friday afternoon until 1730 on Sunday evening, or from 0900 on Saturday until 0700 on Monday morning. If
she is playing in a school match on the Saturday, she may only go after the match is over. For the Fixture Free
Weekends, buses are laid on to and from Harare (the Makro Car Park), Mutare (Christmas Pass Hotel) and Chivhu &
Masvingo. The buses leave Peterhouse at 1030 on Fridays (arriving at Harare about 1230 and in Mutare about 1300) and
leave Harare again at 0815 on the Monday morning and Mutare at 0645. The Masvingo bus leaves earlier on Fridays
and Mondays. Girls travelling by car must be back at school by 1000 on Monday morning.
Please note that a girl who is on such leave must wear school uniform if attending a school function away from the school,
and she is then subject to school rules. Girls must always travel to and from school in school uniform.
No girl is allowed to travel in a car driven by another girl or boy unless express and written permission has been given.
Hitch-hiking is strictly forbidden.
The normal channel for correspondence between the parent and the school is via the Headmistress. Medical matters should be discussed with the Sanatorium Sister and all matters relating to fees should be discussed with the Financial Bursar, P. Bag 3741, Marondera, Tel. 0279- 24951/2/3 or 22202/4. Telephone
Girls are allowed cell phones from Form 2 upwards but are limited to when they can use them. All girls are allowed
to use the school phone for emergency calls.
New girls (Form 1) are not allowed access to the telephone during their first three weeks at school; please write to
them instead. They love receiving letters and it helps them to keep in touch with home.
There is only one line into the school (0279 - 23599) so if you wish to leave a message you may use this number
between 8 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. We also have a cell phone number – 011-603217. After hours, only use these
numbers in an emergency as it goes through to the Headmistress’s House.
School Uniform

You have been given a Clothing List. If a girl’s uniform does not conform to that laid down and it is plainly different
or insufficient, we shall assume the right to remedy the defect and charge your account. There is a Thrift Shop
here (run by the Housekeeper) which stocks various items of clothing. Girls may visit it to purchase items which will
be charged to you. All items must be clearly marked with name tapes. Day girls do not need as many clothes as
boarders, owing to laundry facilities at home.
School books and essential stationery are supplied by the school. However, please send your daughter back with
writing paper, envelopes and stamps. Further items will be charged on your account.
All girls entering the B Block (Form 3) are prepared for the IGCSE Maths and Science courses which require a
calculator. It is essential that it is a scientific model with the four basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication
and division), plus square root and the following additional functions and their inverses: sine, cosine, tangent, log
and x. Calculators are NOT required in the D or C Blocks (Forms 1 & 2). If uncertain, please consult your
daughter’s Maths or Science teacher.
Calendars and Newsletters

Parents, as well as girls, receive a school calendar at the beginning of each term. They will be available at the
Porter’s Lodge. Please keep your calendar next to your telephone for easy reference. You will be notified of any
changes to the calendar in my Fixture Free Weekend letters. Please read these letters which your daughter is
instructed to give you. If she does not do so, please ask her for it. Only in this way can you be updated about
school activities.
Pocket Money

Each girl is credited with a certain amount in the Tuck Shop per term and this amount is charged to your account.
Deductions are made for purchases and money may be drawn for Floating or Fixture Free Weekends. Girls must
not bring large amounts of tuck to school.
Girls are encouraged to budget carefully - a weekly balance is kept to help them in this regard.
Please do not send money back to school after weekends unless it is for a specific purpose - cake sale, etc. All
excess cash should be handed to the School Secretary who will place it in the safe for your daughter: we take no
responsibility for the loss of money which your daughter has not handed in.
The school does NOT carry Insurance for girls’ property that may be lost or stolen. Parents must therefore make their own arrangements for this with their insurance companies.
The kitchen is run by a caterer who is also a qualified nutritionist. Arrangements will be made for dietary variations
only on the basis of a letter from a priest or doctor, giving religious or medical reasons.
Having a bicycle at PHG is a privilege for senior girls. If your daughter requires a bicycle for a particular sport, e.g. rowing, triathlon, etc. she must get permission from the Headmistress and supply her own chain and padlock for security reasons. DISCIPLINARY MATTERS
In our Standing Orders we state that “every Peterhouse pupil is expected to show a reasonable amount of common
sense and to behave at all times with proper consideration for other people, whether young or old, black or white”.
There are, however, certain areas that I think I should spell out to you:

Smoking during term time, or on the journey to and from school, is an offence against school discipline as it is in the
holidays, if the girl is wearing school uniform. First offenders will be suspended from school for a period of up to
one week.
Drinking is considered a more serious matter. Obviously, in controlled conditions, such as at home, in a staff house
or at a school function, a girl may be offered, for example, a glass of wine, depending on her age and on the
occasion. But I regard the drinking of spirits by pupils at school as totally unacceptable. I reserve the right to take
whatever action I see fit in dealing with drinking offences at school: this may involve demanding the immediate
withdrawal of a girl from the school. It should also be noted that excessive drinking in the holidays or at weekends
is also frowned upon, not least because it can bring the school’s good name into disrepute.
Substance / Solvent Abuse

Girls involved in substance or solvent abuse will be suspended from school for a minimum period of one week.
Offenders will be enrolled in counselling sessions with educational or clinical psychologists and will only be
permitted to return to school after the first session.

The automatic penalty for anyone in possession of, or supplying or using drugs here at Peterhouse, will be
permanent suspension from school.
Any girl known to be pregnant or known to have terminated a pregnancy while at school, will be permanently
suspended from school.
It must be clearly understood that while a girl is at Peterhouse, she is, in term time, the patient of the school doctor and normal medical etiquette must be strictly observed. In term time, therefore, another doctor cannot be consulted except with the knowledge and consent of the school doctor. If there is any special treatment which a girl has undergone, or is ordered by her home doctor, there must be a note from him to the school doctor giving the necessary information and instructions. The Sister in Charge is fully trained and the school doctor is always on call. Girls are never allowed to treat themselves except on explicit instructions from the Sister. Any medicines, etc. brought in from outside must therefore be handed over to the Sister with an explanatory note from you or your doctor.
If a girl’s illness should be of such a nature as to necessitate her removal from the school sanatorium, she then
becomes a private patient and normal fees are chargeable to you. You can then use the services of the doctor of
your choice for your daughter. In the absence of any instructions from you, I will act on your behalf.
Polio: All girls should have had a total of at least four doses of Oral Polio Vaccine or injections before they come
here. A booster dose is advisable if the girl is known to have been exposed to the risk of infection. Please advise
the San immediately if your daughter has, or develops, an allergy (e.g. penicillin, bee stings), and also please
ensure that your daughter has been immunised against diphtheria. Various medical forms are enclosed. Please
complete these as fully as possible and return them to the Sister in Charge of the Sanatorium.
Dentist: Please have your daughter’s teeth attended to regularly in the holidays. Girls are given permission to
attend dentists in Harare for emergency treatment only. We organise a school bus for visits to the orthodontist
once a term. Please book this with our Sanatorium Sister.
Growing Up

The years when a girl is at Peterhouse can be - though not necessarily - difficult ones, both for the girl and for her
parents. The school realises that and recognises also that many girls have never been away from home before.
Parents - who can be far away - need to know that the school will be responsible not only for discipline, but also for
the happiness and the progress (academically and otherwise) of their daughter. Please contact me if you are
worried about your daughter’s welfare. You can also speak, in complete confidence, to the Chaplain. He is
specially charged with the pastoral care of all at Peterhouse. Note also that your daughter’s Tutor is there to help
and advise. Please advise us of any changes in your family circumstances, e.g. death, divorce, etc. so we can
keep a special eye on your daughter. We have our own school counsellors.

A new girl in D Block is a long way off having to think about a career, or about what ‘A’ levels she should undertake.
Nevertheless, you will want to know that there is a Careers adviser on the staff who is always willing to help, and
we have a Careers Centre where a girl may look at information about careers, universities, further education and so
on. Later in her school life, we have regular careers talks from visiting speakers in conjunction with Peterhouse.
Contact With Staff

New parents should know that we are always happy to see them here - especially at weekends and for matches,
plays, concerts and chapel services. It is only during a girl’s first three weeks at school that we impose certain
restrictions. Staff are always willing to chat to parents at such times; please make yourself known. There is a
Housemistress and Tutor allocated to each group of girls; you can talk to her if you have any worries. In addition,
the school holds a Parent/Teacher Meeting for all parents per Block each year, where you can meet the staff who
actually teach your daughter.

The ways of schools (especially girls’ boarding schools) are strange to those outside them and even those who
have been boarders in the past find that things change. We are aware of how confusing things may seem to you
and your daughter in the first weeks, or even months, of her career here. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.
Please know that we are aware of the great responsibility you have given to us in sending your daughter to
Peterhouse. With your co-operation we shall discharge this responsibility to the best of our ability.
I have every confidence that the partnership between your daughter, the school and yourselves will ensure that she
has a happy and successful time here. It may not all be plain sailing - though for many it is. But even during
difficult patches we hope that you will feel you have made the right decision and that your daughter will be proud to
be a member of this school.



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