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Asthma Medicine
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Asthma Medicine
There are two types of asthma medicine: medicines that control asthma and
medicines that rescue you from an asthma flare.

Medicines to use every day - Controller Medicines
Medicines that control asthma, also called controller medicines

These medicines prevent asthma symptoms. They will not stop an asthma flare.
They will not relieve asthma symptoms that have started.

These medicines must be taken every day. If you don’t have asthma symptoms, it
means these medicines are working.

Some medicines that control asthma are:
• Accolate, Singulair, Zyflo
• AeroBid, Azmacort, Beclovent, Flovent, Pulmicort,

• Serevent, Foradil
• Advair
• prednisone, prednisolone
• theophylline

Do not stop taking controller medicines, even during a
flare, because they prevent asthma symptoms.

Medicines to use only when needed -
Rescue Medicines

Medicines that rescue you from an asthma flare, also called
reliever medicines

These medicines work right away to relieve asthma
symptoms. Use these only when there are asthma

Some medicines that relieve asthma symptoms are:
• albuterol, Maxair, Proventil, Ventolin, Tornalate,

• ipratropium, Atrovent
Never run out of medicine
Get more medicine before you run out.
Check the label. The label will say how many more times you can refill the
medicine. If you have no refills left, call your doctor or nurse practitioner and ask
for a new prescription. The pharmacy cannot refill the medicine unless the doctor
prescribes it.

Ask your pharmacy how you can order refills. Every drug store is different. You
may be able to call them or order a refill by computer.

Plan ahead. Order your refill before you run out. It could take several days to get
more medicine.

Keep your appointments with the doctor or nurse practitioner, even if your child
is not sick. They need to see how well your child’s asthma is being controlled before
writing a prescription for more medicine.

Now that you’ve read this:
p Name the controller medicines your child takes to prevent asthma symptoms.

(Check when done.)
p Name the rescue medicines your child takes to relieve asthma symptoms. (Check

when done.)
p Tell your nurse, doctor, or respiratory therapist how you will know when to order

more medicine. (Check when done.)
p Tell your nurse, doctor, or respiratory therapist what you would do if a medicine

has no refills left. (Check when done.)
If you have any questions or concerns,
p call your child’s doctor or p call ______________________
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Thursday, October 13, 2005 • DRAFT to family review #868 • Written by Monica Holmberg, PharmD • Illustrated by Dennis Swain Asthma Medicine
Si usted desea esta información en español, por favor pídasela a su enfermero o doctor.
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