AVL & Dispatch Software
Administrative Management
Windows® OS Graphical
• NEXEDGE® Digital Messaging & AVL2 Interface
• Analog Conventional & LTR® Trunked • 30 Status Icons & Emergency Icon6 • Historical Logging & File Playback • Screen View & Navigation Functions • Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006 European • Mobile Icon Tags (name, unit, status 5-Tone/ FleetSync® /

• Activity History Grid with Color-Coded ® Digital Dispatch
Signalling & Messaging
• Map Zoom In & Out / Centering / Default Group, Broadcast Group4, Conference All4, Broadcast All4 (NEXEDGE® Digital) • View & Track Selected or All Vehicles • Max. 86 (5-tone) / Max. 70 (FleetSync®) • Max. 20 pre defined Text Message List Radio Model Compatibility
• Fleet Radio (with GPS options installed) TK-7180/8180,TK-7189/8189, NX-700/800,TK-7160/81608TK-2180/3180, NX-200/300 Base / Control Station Requirements
• PC-to-Mobile Serial Interface Cable (purchase separately) • KMC-9B/9C Desktop Base Microphone (voice call use)9 Fleet Radio Requirements
• Compatible Kenwood mobile or portable radios • Internal or external GPS Receiver & Antenna (mobiles) 250 Vehicle Tracking: Practical fleet size may vary depending on type system, system loading,vehicle poll/repot rates, mixed voice/data or dedicated data channel usage. Supports single • KMC-38 GPS Speaker Microphone (portables) base station operation only. KAS-10 does not support single or multi-operator positions via IP-networks.
PC Software / Hardware Requirements
KAS-10 operates in either FleetSync® analog or NEXEDGE® digital mode, but not both in the same installation (use of FleetSync® PC Serial Interface (protocol 2) or NEXEDGE® PC Serial • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition SP2 or later Interface required). KAS-10 does not support: Remote Check, Remote Group Add or Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business SP1 or later NEXEDGE™ Over-the-Air Alias decode for PTT ID (per pre-programmed alias list only). KAS-10 encodes FleetSync® Short/Long Text Messages and NEXEDGE® Short / Long Data Messages, Microsoft® Windows Vista® Ultimate SP1 or later but subscriber unit storage / LCD display is limited to short messages. Long messages are output in the PC serial interface for use by compatible applications/hardware. The KDS-100 • Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006 Software (purchase separately) or Imported Maps3 FleetSync® Mobile Data Unit is not compatible with NX subscriber units for analog FleetSync®or NXDN® signalling and messaging.
• Intel® Pentium® III 1GHz (minimum)/Intel® Pentium® 4 2GHz or higher (recommended), KAS-10 does not require MapPoint® to run. Imported JPG, BMP, GIF, WMF and 256MB (minimum) or 512MB and more (recommended) memory, 100MB HDD free space3, EMF files can also be used. Compatible with MapPoint® North American Maps (English) or CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Serial Port, XGA (1024 x 768) European Maps (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish) versions. MapPoint® 2006 requires 1.2 GB HDD space. The GPS Locator antenna/GPS engine accessory supplied with MapPoint® cannot be connected to a Kenwood mobile.
Kenwood follows a policy of continuous advancement in development.
For this reason specifications may be changed without notice.
Max number of character will vary depends on the radio model. Longer messages using Short FleetSync® is a registered trademark of Kenwood Corporation.
message type will use multiple stacks to send all characters.
NEXEDGE® is a registered trademark of Kenwood Corporation.
Custom vehicle/status icon images can be created with icon creating software (*.ico files) NXDN® is a registered trademark of Kenwood Corporation and Icom Inc.
LTR® is a registered trademark of Transcrypt International.
Portables support the PC Serial Interface through the ACC connector, but do not support Microsoft®, Windows®, Windows Vista®, MapPoint® and Windows® logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation KMC-9B/9C desktop microphone voice calling with the KAS-10.
Text Messaging is not available on these models.
Intel® and Pentium® are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
KMC-9B/9C requires internal modification (contact Kenwood tech support).
Kenwood has always connected with people through sound. Now we want to expand the world of sound in ways that only Kenwood can,listening to our customers and to the pulse of the coming age as we head toward a future of shared discovery, inspiration and enjoyment.


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