Hakan ozgul_health rights in the perspective of the un crpd [uyumluluk modu]

Health Rights in the Perspective of the
United Nations Convention on the Rights of
Disabled Persons (UN CRPD)
Neuromuscular Disorders Association of Turkey İstanbul Kültür University, 26 November 2011 Brief History
üThe 8th Committee session - 25 August 2006 üUnited Nations accepted the terms – 13 December 2006 üTurkey signed the convention - March 2007 üTurkey became an official party - September 2007 Obligations of the government
üto take the necessary legal and administrative measures to execute the rights protected by the convention üto eliminate the legal regulations and administrative practices üto consider the effects of all actions and proceedings on the disabled persons created by legislative, executive and judicial Health Rights Concention Article 1
Intellectual impairment + physical handicap = disability Health Rights Concention Article 3
(General principles)
üRespect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one's own choices, and independence of personsüNon-discriminationüFull and effective participation and inclusion in societyüRespect for difference üEquality of opportunity üAccessibility üEquality of gender üDisabled children Health rights
üWhat do we mean by ‘health rights’? üWhat is its relation with other rights? Health Rights Convention Article 25 Health
üIncluding habilitation and rehabilitation Health Rights Convention Article 25 – Health
a) Free or affordable health care and programmes, including sexual and reproductive health b) Health services for disabled to minimize and prevent further disabilities c) Health services as close as possible to people's own communities, including in rural areas e) Prohibit discrimination in the provision of health insurance f) Prevent discriminatory denial of health care/ health services / food and fluids Conclusion
üHealth services must be equal, of high quality and free of charge or affordableüPreventive health services should be well implementedüHealth services should have an easy access for everyoneüHomecare services should be well organized Example : A rare neuromuscular disease
üMyasthenia Gravis (MG)
a. Patients might develop a respiratory crisis and need b. Mestinon is the only effective and life saving treatment for
these patients and it is an orphan drug
c. This drug may not be on market due to the price conflict between the manufacturer and the Ministry of Health d. These patients will be deprived of their health rights due to

Source: http://www.raredisease2011.org/sunular/KONFERANS/26_KASIM/HALL_B/WORKSHOP_B1/Hakan_Ozgul_Health_Rights_in_the_Perspective_of_the_UN_CRPD.pdf


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