Stroke effects

Stroke and It’s Effects
who see stroke patients are familiar with oral medications used to treat spasticity, but are not always aware that there are additional treatments available to stroke patients that can be used in conjunction with medications and a multidisciplinary therapy program. Botulinum neurotoxin is an injectable antispasticity medication, and intrathecal baclofen can be administered into the spinal column via an implanted pump. Many patients have suffered from spasticity and the associated pain for months or years Jennifer L. Kalmer, MD
because the symptoms were unrecognized and therefore Outpatient Medical Director at HealthSouth Scottsdale Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Botulinum neurotoxin injections into the affected arm or Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United leg, and/or intrathecal baclofen can be effective treatments States and the number one cause of adult disability. Over 3 in managing muscle spasms, rigidity, or spasticity for many million Americans are dealing with stroke-related issues. A patients. As all treatments are not suitable for all patients, stroke results from a disruption in blood flow to the brain a thorough examination of the patient is conducted prior to either by a clot or hemorrhage. Depending on the area treatment. Additionally education with the patient and their of the brain affected, a person can experience weakness, families about the risks and possible benefits, outcome incoordination, speech difficulties, swallowing difficulties, expectations, and other treatment options are discussed confusion, loss of balance and visual deficits. Medical before proceeding. HealthSouth Scottsdale also offers rehabilitation after a stroke is paramount in improving monthly spasticity screenings to patients in the community.
function and preventing further disability. A rehabilitation In days prior, stoke was considered an end to a life as hospital like HealthSouth offers the intensity of therapy we knew it and it is still somewhat true today. Lives are and the technological advances necessary to achieve changed dramatically by stroke for the patient as well as maximal functional improvements. Specialized equipment their families. Although most patients have their strokes such as the Auto Ambulator is unique to HealthSouth and in later years, many young people also suffer from stroke is a weighted support treadmill training device that enables and related disabilities. Simple activities involved in daily patients that are hemiplegic or paraplegic to be upright living like tying one’s shoes, combing one’s hair, writing and simulate a normal gait pattern. Other technology a letter, putting on deodorant, speaking, walking and opportunities include the Bioness for upper and lower driving are some of the things we take for granted that extremity strength and range of motion, Smartstep therapy suddenly become very difficult, painful or impossible to to work on balance and gait, and vital stim therapy to do for the stroke patient. These lifestyle changes happen improve swallowing. An inpatient rehabilitation program is abruptly and impact the patient permanently. While stroke delivered by a dedicated team of physicians specializing in disability severely affects patients and their families, rehabilitative medicine, physical, occupational and speech medical therapies as part of an overall comprehensive therapists, rehabilitation nurses, psychologists and case rehabilitation program can improve quality of life and managers. A team approach to rehabilitation after a stroke reduce caregiver and/or family burden. ■ is particularly important due to the complexity of stroke and potential secondary complications.
As a physician interested in stroke rehabilitation, I see HealthSouth Scottsdale Rehabilitation Hospital patients who suffer from severe physical limitations as 480-551-5432a result of increased muscle tone, rigidity and spasticity. HealthSouth East Valley Rehabilitation Hospital Spasticity is a motor disorder that is velocity dependent 480-477-7115and results from hyperexciteability of the muscle stretch HealthSouth Valley of the Sun Rehabilitation Hospital reflex. It occurs when someone has suffered an injury to the 623-334-3561 central nervous system. Spasticity can limit range of motion and is often times painful. Many primary care physicians


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