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You may bathe again using the same routine as the day before outlined above. You may want to use Aveeno oatmeal soap/liquid and Benadryl tablets to help with DERMISIL® S TOPICAL SCABIES TREATMENT
the itching and irritation. It is OK to use it along with the Dermisil® S Liquid.
Always Patch Test an Area Before Starting Ful Treatment Regiment The damage left behind from the mites wil slowly dissipate over several weeks, AFTER the mites are dead, apply an antibiotic ointment to the affected area to speed Then Add 10 drops of Dermisil® S Liquid to very hot bath water, stirring it around healing of the skin. Pomegranate extract tablets with 40% el agic acid available at a
into the water, in addition to direct topical treatment. Soak in the tub for 20-30 local health food store have been known to help treat scabies internal y along with minutes. You may scrub the lesions. Scrubbing the lesions wil aid in a faster your external treatment. The science behind it is unknown. recovery. Do not reuse wash cloths or if using other scrubbing aids, be sure to disinfect them with 90% rubbing alcohol before re-use. It is important to remember to wash ALL clothing including sheets, pil ow cases, bedding, towels, wash cloths, comforters, personal clothes, shoes etc. in VERY HOT Do not rinse off after your bath, pat, or air dry. Apply Dermisil® S Liquid to the water that is at least 130 degrees. You wil add ½ a teaspoon of Dermisil® S to you
most affected areas with a clean cotton bal after your bath and you are dry.
wash loads to kil the scabies mites in your laundry and clothes. You may want to spray a mite kil er/antimicrobial like BezaRid over your couches, carpet, flooring, You may have drying of the skin area where the liquid is applied. This is normal shoes, workplace, etc. We have also heard of people using Borax soap to wash and wil subside after the treatment regiment is completed. After the Dermisil® S Liquid has dried (a few minutes).
We do not recommend treating children younger than 5 years of age. If you choose at your own risk to use the topical treatment on children younger than 5 years of Then apply Dermisil® S Topical Treatment to the entire body from the bottoms age, you can cut the topical treatment in ½ by adding ½ baby to ½ topical S cream.
of the feet to the top of your head (work through your hair to your scalp). Be This wil prolong the treatment but it is possible to do this. Always test a skin area
careful around your face not to get it into your eyes or on your mouth. Focus on before applying a full treatment.
cracks in your hands, and between toes and anywhere there is a crease in your
skin. You may apply between treatment period for hot spot areas of itching.
The parasites cannot survive away from the body for more than 4-6 days, so contaminated clothing and bedding can be sanitized by thorough washing in hot You may apply mildly to your genital area but never touch the mucous membranes. water and storing for 1 or 2 weeks in a plastic bag. You can also store clothing in You wil do this treatment a minimum of one time per day for the next 4 days. You plastic bags for several weeks, and the mites wil die from lack of a host. wil treat 4 days on, 4 days off, and 4 days on again. Some people prefer to treat the entire period to prevent reinfection between treatments. This is because eggs HYGEINE IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF TREATMENT. WASH,
laid by the previous scabies will hatch and start another re-infestation. You may go AND CLEAN ANYTHING THAT CAN BE INFECTED WITH THE MITE EVERY
longer if you feel that the mites are stil present. Follow the hygiene regiment DAY. THIS WILL ENSURE THAT YOUR TOPICAL TREATMENT WILL BE
outlined VERY careful y. In rare cases, you may need to go through another EFFECTIVE AND YOU ARE NOT REINFECTING YOURSELF.
treatment. Keep in mind that everything you come in contact with must be kept
cleaned from the mites. This includes shoes, carpets, rugs, automobiles seats, any Note: Dermisil® S Topical Treatment contains sulfur compounds. The compounds may stain clothing, fabric, or
jewelry. Also wash clothing, bedding, etc together as sulfur has a tendency to migrate to the clothing it has been couches, beds, bedding, etc. Use a product such as BenzaRid to treat these areas. washed with. Wash clothes twice in cold water, then air dry or low heat dry if possible. You wil leave this treatment on until your next bathing routine (24hrs) including night time. Active ingredients in DERMISIL® S Liquid are: cymbopogon citratus, melaleuca alternifolia, and jojoba plant extracts. Active ingredients in DERMISIL® S Topical Treatment are: 10% lac sulfuris, jojoba, and melaleuca alternifolia extracts in a water soluble hypo-allergenic base. Keep in mind you may not be treating scabies mites, but bird or rat mites which may take much longer to treat. The treatment program is the same. NEVER apply Dermisil® S Liquid to children under 5 years of age or if you are pregnant or nursing. NEVER apply
Dermisil® S Liquid to mucous membranes or to the eyes. NEVER ingest or drink Dermisil® S Liquid. If Dermisil® S
is ingested immediately phone the Poison Control Center.


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