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Films of self-assembled purely helical type I collagen molecules

Author(s): Giuseppe Falini, Simona Fermani, Elisabetta Foresti, Bruna Parma, Katia Rubini, Maria Chiara Sidoti,
Norberto Roveri
Source: Journal of Materials Chemistry, 14 (2004), 14 (July 14), 2297-2302

Measurement of interactions between protein layers adsorbed on silica by atomic force microscopy

Author(s): J.J. Valle-Delgado, J.A. Molina-Bolívar, F. Galisteo-González, M.J. Gálvez-Ruiz, A. Feiler, M.W.
Source: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 16 (2004), 26 (July 07), S2383-S2392

Reversible Hydrophobic Barriers Introduced by Microcontact Printing: Application to Protein Microarrays

Author(s): Ye Zhou, Olof Andersson, Peter Lindberg, Bo Liedberg
Source: Mikrochimica Acta, 146 (2004), 3-4 (June), 193-205

Precipitation of lignin and extractives on kraft pulp: effect on surface chemistry, surface morphology and paper

Author(s): Krista Koljonen, Monika Osterberg, Marjatta Kleen, Agneta Fuhrmann, Per Stenius
Source: Cellulose, 11 (2004), 2 (June), 209-224

Preparation and characterization of cationic PLGA nanospheres as DNA carriers

Author(s): M.N.V. Ravi Kumar, U. Bakowsky, C.M. Lehr
Source: Biomaterials, 25 (2004), 10 (May), 1771-1777

Fractal aggregation of DNA after thermal denaturation

Author(s): L. Yan, H. Iwasaki
Source: Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 20 (2004), 4 (May), 877-881

Exploring the consequences of attractive and repulsive interaction regimes in tapping mode atomic force
microscopy of DNA

Author(s): Andrew N. Round, Mervyn J. Miles
Source: Nanotechnology, 15 (2004), 4 (April 01), S176-S183

Helical rosette nanotubes: a more effective orthopaedic implant material

Author(s): Ai Lin Chun, Jesus G. Moralez, Hicham Fenniri, Thomas J. Webster
Source: Nanotechnology, 15 (2004), 4 (April 01), S234-S239

In vitro assessment of the biological response to nano -sized hydroxyapatite

Author(s): J. Huang, S.M. Best, W. Bonfield, R.A. Brooks, N. Rushton, S.N. Jayasinghe, M.J. Edirisinghe
Source: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 15 (2004), 4 (April), 441-445

Bioimprinted QCM sensors for virus detection-screening of plant sap

Author(s): Franz L. Dickert, Oliver Hayden, Roland Bindeus, Karl-J. Mann, Dieter Blaas, Elisabeth Waigmann
Source: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 378 (2004), 8 (April), 1929-1934

High-throughput investigation of osteoblast response to polymer crystallinity: influence of nanometer-scale
roughness on proliferation

Author(s): N.R. Washburn, K.M. Yamada, C.G. Simon, S.B. Kennedy, E.J. Amis
Source: Biomaterials, 25 (2004), 7-8 (March), 1215-1224

Self-assembled extracellular matrix protein networks by microcontact printing

Author(s): N. Sgarbi, D. Pisignano, F. Di Benedetto, G. Gigli, R. Cingolani, R. Rinaldi
Source: Biomaterials, 25 (2004), 7-8 (March), 1349-1353

Lactose Surface Modification by Decantation: Are Drug-Fine Lactose Ratios the Key to Better Dispersion of
Salmeterol Xinafoate from Lactose-Interactive Mixtures?

Author(s): Nazrul Islam, Peter Stewart, Ian Larson, Patrick Hartley
Source: Pharmaceutical Research, 21 (2004), 3 (March), 492-499

Ultrastructure of Dental Enamel afflicted with Hypoplasia: An Atomic Force Microscopic Study

Author(s): N. Batina, V. Renugopalakrishnan, P.N. Casillas Lavin, J.C.H. Guerrero, M. Morales, R. Garduno-
Juarez, S.L. Lakka
Source: Calcified Tissue International, 74 (2004), 3 (March), 294-301

Intracellular structural changes under the stress of applied force at a nanometre range investigated by atomic
force microscopy

Author(s): Dong Han, Wanyun Ma, Fulong Liao, Dieyan Chen
Source: Nanotechnology, 15 (2004), 1 (January 01), 120-126

Endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cell function on poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) with nano -structured
surface features

Author(s): D.C. Miller, A. Thapa, K.M. Haberstroh, T.J. Webster
Source: Biomaterials, 25 (2004), 1 (January), 53-61

Detection of heavy metal ions using protein-functionalized microcantilever sensors

Author(s): S. Cherian, R.K. Gupta, B.C. Mullin, T. Thundat
Source: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 19 (2003), 5 (December 30), 411 - 416

Time-series observation of the spreading out of microvessel endothelial cells with atomic force microscopy

Author(s): Han Dong, Ma Wanyun, Liao Fulong, Yeh Meiling, Ouyang Zhigang, Sun Yunxu
Source: Physics in Medicine and Biology, 48 (2003), 23 (December 07), 3897-3909

Passive Transport of Macromolecules through Xenopus laevis Nuclear Envelope

Author(s): K. Enss, T. Danker, A. Schlune, I. Buchholz, H. Oberleithner
Source: Journal of Membrane Biology, 196 (2003), 3 (December), 147-155

Endothelial Cell Swelling by Aldosterone

Author(s): H. Oberleithner, S.W. Schneider, L. Albermann, U. Hillebrand, T. Ludwig, C. Riethmuller, V. Shahin, C.
Schafer, H. Schillers
Source: Journal of Membrane Biology, 196 (2003), 3 (December), 163-172

Microfabricated force-sensitive elastic substrates for investigation of mechanical cell-substrate interactions

Author(s): Sarunas Petronis, Julie Gold, Bengt Kasemo
Source: Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 13 (2003), 6 (November 01), 900-913

Surface engineering of titanium by collagen immobilization. Surface characterization and in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): M. Morra, C. Cassinelli, G. Cascardo, P. Cahalan, L. Cahalan, M. Fini, R. Giardino
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 25 (November), 4639-4654

Enhancement of the growth of human endothelial cells by surface roughness at nanometer scale

Author(s): T.-W. Chung, D.-Z. Liu, S.-Y. Wang, S.-S. Wang
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 25 (November), 4655-4661

Regulation of cell adhesion signaling by synthetic glycopolymer matrix in primary cultured hepatocyte

Author(s): S.-H. Kim, J.-H. Kim, T. Akaike
Source: FEBS Letters, 553 (2003), 3 (October 23), 433-439

Morphology of protein polymer hybrid films studied by atomic force microscopy and scanning confocal
fluorescence microscopy

Author(s): P. Foubert, J.M. Hannink, F. Kohn, R. Gronheid, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, R.J.M. Nolte, S. De Feyter, F.C.
De Schryver
Source: Thin Solid Films, 443 (2003), 1-2 (October 22), 124-135

Biofunctionalized nanoarrays of inorganic structures prepared by dip-pen nanolithography

Author(s): Hua Zhang, Ki-Bum Lee, Zhi Li, Chad A. Mirkin
Source: Nanotechnology, 14 (2003), 10 (October 01), 1113-1117

Bioleaching -a result of interfacial processes caused by extracellular polymeric substances (EPS)

Author(s): K. Kinzler, T. Gehrke, J. Telegdi, W. Sand
Source: Hydrometallurgy, 71 (2003), 1-2 (October), 83-88

A close encounter with DNA

Author(s): Mounir Maaloum
Source: European Biophysics Journal, 32 (2003), 6 (October), 585-587

AFM fabrication of oxide patterns and immobilization of biomolecules on Si surface
Author(s): T. Yoshinobu, J. Suzuki, H. Kurooka, W.C. Moon, H. Iwasaki
Source: Electrochimica Acta, 48 (2003), 20-22 (September 30), 3131 - 3135

Nanostructured assembly of porphyrin clusters for light energy conversion

Author(s): Taku Hasobe, Hiroshi Imahori, Shunichi Fukuzumi, Prashant V. Kamat
Source: Journal of Materials Chemistry, 13 (2003), 10 (September 23), 2515-2520

Observing the growth of individual actin filaments in cell extracts by time-lapse atomic force microscopy

Author(s): T. Lehto, M. Miaczynska, M. Zerial, D.J. Muller, F. Severin
Source: FEBS Letters, 551 (2003), 1-3 (September 11), 25-28

Atomic force microscopy studies of interaction of the 20S proteasome with supported lipid bilayers

Author(s): S. Furuike, J. Hirokawa, S. Yamada, M. Yamazaki
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)/Biomembranes, 1615 (2003), 1-2 (September 02), 1-6

Humicola lanuginosa lipase hydrolysis of mono -oleoyl-rac-glycerol at the lipid-water interface observed by
atomic force microscopy

Author(s): K. Balashev, M. Gudmand, L. Iversen, T.H. Callisen, A. Svendsen, T. Bjornholm
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)/Biomembranes, 1615 (2003), 1-2 (September 02), 93-102

AFM observation of silk fibroin on mica substrates: morphologies reflecting the secondary structures

Author(s): K. Yamada, Y. Tsuboi, A. Itaya
Source: Thin Solid Films, 440 (2003), 1-2 (September 01), 208-216

SEM and AFM images of pyrite surfaces after bioleaching by the indigenous Thiobacillus thiooxidans

Author(s): H.-L. Liu, B.-Y. Chen, Y.-W. Lan, Y.-C. Cheng
Source: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 62 (2003), 4 (September), 414-420

Quaternary structure of the neuronal protein NAP-22 in aqueous solution

Author(s): R.M. Epand, E.H. Braswell, C.M. Yip, R.F. Epand, S. Maekawa
Source: BBA - Proteins and Proteomics, 1650 (2003), 1-2 (August 21), 50-58

Protein-membrane interaction: effect of myelin basic protein on the dynamics of oriented lipids

Author(s): F. Natali, A. Relini, A. Gliozzi, R. Rolandi, P. Cavatorta, A. Deriu, A. Fasano, P. Riccio
Source: Chemical Physics, 292 (2003), 2-3 (August 01), 455-464

Staphylococcus epidermidis-fibronectin binding and its inhibition by heparin

Author(s ): C.R. Arciola, Y. Bustanji, M. Conti, D. Campoccia, L. Baldassarri, B. Samori, L. Montanaro
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 18 (August), 3013-3019

Electron transfer through organic monolayer films with oligoglycine spacers

Author(s): S. Sek, R. Moszynski, A. Sepiol, A. Misicka, R. Bilewicz
Source: Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 550-551 (2003), (July 17), 359 - 364

Sphingomyelin is much more effective than saturated phosphatidylcholine in excluding unsaturated
phosphatidylcholine from domains formed with cholesterol

Author(s): B.Y. van Duyl, D. Ganchev, V. Chupin, B. de Kruijff, J.A. Killian
Source: FEBS Letters, 547 (2003), 1-3 (July 17), 101-106

Surface modification of a biomedical poly(ether)urethane by a remote air plasma

Author(s): J.E. Gray, P.R. Norton, K. Griffiths
Source: Applied Surface Science, 217 (2003), 1-4 (July 15), 210-222

Application of atomic force microscopy and grating coupler for the characterization of biosensor surfaces

Author(s): D. Kuhlmeier, E. Rodda, L.O. Kolarik, D.N. Furlong, U. Bilitewski
Source: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 18 (2003), 7 (July), 925 - 936

Grafting of lactose-carrying styrene onto polystrene dishes using plasma glow discharge and their interaction
with hepatocytes

Author(s): Inn-Kyu Kang, Dong Woo Lee, Seung Kyung Lee, Toshihiro Akaike
Source: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 14 (2003), 7 (July), 611-616

Chiral analysis of neurotransmitters using cyclodextrin-modified capillary electrophoresis equipped with
microfabricated int erdigitated electrodes

Author(s): K.B. Male, J.H.T. Luong
Source: Journal of Chromatography A, 1003 (2003), 1-2 (June 27), 167-178

Unfolding process of a single peptide molecule on a substrate was investigated by atomic force microscope

Author(s): S. Takeda, A. Ptak, M. Kageshima, H. Tokumoto, C. Nakamura, J. Miyake
Source: Surface Science, 532-535 (2003), (June 10), 244-248

Mechanics and structure of titin oligomers explored with atomic force microscopy

Author(s): M.S.Z. Kellermayer, C. Bustamante, H.L. Granzier
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)/Bioenergetics, 1604 (2003), 2 (June 05), 105-114

Identification of Caveolae-like Structures on the Surface of Intact Cells Using Scanning Force Microscopy

Author(s): H. Lucius, T. Friedrichson, T.V. Kurzchalia, G.R. Lewin
Source: Journal of Membrane Biology, 194 (2003), 2 (June), 97-108

Atomic force microscopy of microfibrils in primary cell walls

Author(s): Lynette M. Davies, Philip J. Harris
Source: Planta, 217 (2003), 2 (June), 283-289

Detection of combustion formed nanoparticles

Author(s): L.A. Sgro, G. Basile, A.C. Barone, A. D'Anna, P. Minutolo, A. Borghese, A. D'Alessio
Source: Chemosphere, 51 (2003), 10 (June), 1079-1090

Localized functionalization of surfaces with molecules from solution using electrostatic attraction

Author(s): N. Naujoks, A. Stemmer
Source: Microelectronic Engineering, 67-68 (2003), (June), 736-741

Scanning probe microscopy characterization of gold-chemisorbed poplar plastocyanin mutants

Author(s): L. Andolfi, B. Bonanni, G.W. Canters, M.P. Verbeet, S. Cannistraro
Source: Surface Science, 530 (2003), 3 (May 01), 181-194

Size and Shape of Mineralites in Young Bovine Bone Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy

Author(s): W. Tong, M.J. Glimcher, J.L. Katz, L. Kuhn, S.J. Eppell
Source: Calcified Tissue International, 72 (2003), 5 (May), 592-598

Sol-gel deposited TiO2 film on NiTi surgical alloy for biocompatibility improvement

Author(s): J.-X. Liu, D.-Z. Yang, F. Shi, Y.-J. Cai
Source: Thin Solid Films, 429 (2003), 1-2 (April 01), 225-230

Scanning-force techniques to monitor time-dependent changes in topography and adhesion force of proteins on

Author(s): M. Mondon, S. Berger, C. Ziegler
Source: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 375 (2003), 7 (April), 849-855

Photosensitized NADH formation system with multilayer TiO2 film

Author(s): Takashi Sagawa, Ryota Sueyoshi, Mikako Kawaguchi, Mayu Kudo, Hirotaka Ihara, Katsutoshi Ohkubo
Source: Chemical Communications, (2003), 7 (March 25), 814-815

A dimeric structure of eosin molecules on Au(111) surface

Author(s): G.-J. Su, S.-X. Yin, L.-J. Wan, J.-C. Zhao, C.-L. Bai
Source: Chemical Physics Letters, 370 (2003), 1-2 (March 07), 268-273

Dynamic imaging of single DNA-protein interactions using atomic force microscopy

Author(s): M.L. Bennink, D.N. Nikova, K.O. van der Werf, J. Greve
Source: Analytica Chimica Acta, 479 (2003), 1 (March 05), 3-15

DNA bending by the human damage recognition complex XPC-HR23B

Author(s): A. Janicijevic, K. Sugasawa, Y. Shimizu, F. Hanaoka, N. Wijgers, M. Djurica, J.H.J. Hoeijmakers, C.
Source: DNA Repair, 2 (2003), 3 (March 01), 325-336

Chemically patterned, metal oxide based surfaces produced by photolithographic techniques for studying protein-
and cell-surface interactions I: Microfabrication and surface characterization

Author(s): M. Winkelmann, J. Gold, R. Hauert, B. Kasemo, N.D. Spencer, D.M. Brunette, M. Textor
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 7 (March), 1133-1145

Accelerated cell sheet recovery by co-grafting of PEG with PIPAAm onto porous cell culture membranes

Author(s): O. Hyeong Kwon, A. Kikuchi, M. Yamato, T. Okano
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 7 (March), 1223-1232

Characterization of Crystalline Drug Nanoparticles Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Complementary

Author(s): Huaiqiu Galen Shi, Leon Farber, James N. Michaels, Allison Dickey, Karen C. Thompson, Suhas D.
Shelukar, Patricia N. Hurter, Scott D. Reynolds, Michael J. Kaufman
Source: Pharmaceutical Research, 20 (2003), 3 (March), 479-484

Characterization of Particle-Interactions by Atomic Force Microscopy: Effect of Contact Area

Author(s): Jennifer C. Hooton, Caroline S. German, Stephanie Allen, Martyn C. Davies, Clive J. Roberts, Saul J.B.
Tendler, Philip M. Williams
Source: Pharmaceutical Research, 20 (2003), 3 (March), 508-514

Detailed Characterization of Conditions for Alignment of Single-Stranded and Double-Stranded DNA Fragments
on Surfaces

Author(s): S. Darbi Hughes, Adam T. Woolley
Source: Biomedical Microdevices, 5 (2003), 1 (March), 69-74

Insight into structural transition, aggregation and folding of glycoprotein in the presence of chromium(III)
complexes by spectroscopic, microscopic and kinetic studies

Author(s): H. Yamini Shrivastava, A. Dhathathreyan, B. Unni Nair
Source: Chemical Physics Letters, 369 (2003), 5-6 (February 28), 534-540

IL-1α, IL-1β and TNF-α secretion during in vivo/ex vivo cellular interactions with titanium and copper

Author(s): F. Suska, M. Esposito, C. Gretzer, M. Kalltorp, P. Tengvall, P. Thomsen
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 3 (February), 461-468

In vitro bioactivity of starch thermoplastic/hydroxyapatite composite biomaterials: an in situ study using atomic
force microscopy

Author(s): I.B. Leonor, A. Ito, K. Onuma, N. Kanzaki, R.L. Reis
Source: Biomaterials, 24 (2003), 4 (February), 579-585

Change and stabilization of the amyloid-β(1-40) secondary structure by fluorocompounds

Author(s): E.P. Vieira, H. Hermel, H. Mohwald
Source: BBA - Proteins and Proteomics, 1645 (2003), 1 (January 31), 6-14

AFM Characterization of Tilt and Intrinsic Flexibility of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Light Harvesting Complex 2

Author(s): Simon Scheuring, Jerome Seguin, Sergio Marco, Daniel Levy, Cecile Breyton, Bruno Robert, Jean-Louis
Source: Journal of Molecular Biology, 325 (2003), 3 (January 17), 569-580

Cross-sectional structure of the secondary wall of wood fibers as affected by processing

Author(s): J. Fahlen, L. Salmen
Source: Journal of Materials Science (full set), 38 (2003), 1 (January 01), 119-126

Fractal analysis of wood combustion aggregates by contact mode atomic force microscopy

Author(s): D. Mavrocordatos, R. Kaegi, V. Schmatloch
Source: Atmospheric Environment, 36 (2002), 36-37 (December), 5653-5660

The influence of promoter and of electrode material on the cyclic voltammetry of Pisum sativum plastocyanin

Author(s): D.L. Johnson, C.J. Maxwell, D. Losic, J.G. Shapter, L.L. Martin
Source: Bioelectrochemistry, 58 (2002), 2 (December), 137-147

Fossil organic matrices of the Callovian aragonitic ammonites from Lukow (Poland): location and composition

Author(s): Yannicke Dauphin
Source: International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geologische Rundschau), 91 (2002), 6 (December), 1071-1080

Tooth hardness increases with zinc-content in mandibles of young adult leaf-cutter ants

Author(s): Robert M.S. Schofield, Michael H. Nesson, Kathleen A. Richardson
Source: Naturwissenschaften, 89 (2002), 12 (December), 579-583

Domain unfolding in neurofilament sidearms: effects of phosphorylation and ATP

Author(s): H. Aranda-Espinoza, P. Carl, J.-F. Leterrier, P. Janmey, D.E. Discher
Source: FEBS Letters, 531 (2002), 3 (November 20), 397-401

Direct evidence for membrane pore formation by the apoptotic protein Bax

Author(s): Raquel F. Epand, Jean-Claude Martinou, Sylvie Montessuit, Richard M. Epand, Christopher M. Yip
Source: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 298 (2002), 5 (November 15), 744-749

Studies of metal binding reactions in metallothioneins by spectroscopic, molecular biology, and molecular
modeling techniques

Author(s): J. Chan, Z. Huang, M.E. Merrifield, M.T. Salgado, M.J. Stillman
Source: Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 233-234 (2002), (November 01), 319 - 339

An Angiogenic, Endothelial-Cell-Targeted Polymeric Gene Carrier

Author(s): Wonhee Suh, Sang-Oh Han, Lei Yu, Sung Wan Kim
Source: Molecular Therapy, 6 (2002), 5 (November), 664-672

Wet chemical modification of PTFE implant surfaces with a specific cell adhesion molecule

Author(s): Christoph Lohbach, Udo Bakowsky, Carsten Kneuer, Dieter Jahn, Thomas Graeter, Hans-Joachim
Schafers, Claus-Michael Lehr
Source: Chemical Communications, (2002), 21 (October 24), 2568-2569

Atomic force microscopy identification of transcription factor NF ?B bound to streptavidin-pin-holding DNA

Author(s): Gi Hun Seong, Yasuko Yanagida, Masuo Aizawa, Eiry Kobatake
Source: Analytical Biochemistry, 309 (2002), 2 (October 15), 241-247

Direct electron transfer of glucose oxidase on carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Anthony Guiseppi-Elie, Chenghong Lei, Ray H. Baughman
Source: Nanotechnology, 13 (2002), 5 (October 01), 559-564

Nanometer thickness laser ablation for spatial control of cell attachment

Author(s): H. Thissen, J.P. Hayes, P. Kingshott, G. Johnson, E.C. Harvey, H.J. Griesser
Source: Smart Materials and Structures, 11 (2002), 5 (October 01), 792-799

Influence of abciximab on the adhesion of platelets on a shielded plasma gradient prepared on polyethylene

Author(s): H.T. Spijker, H.J. Busscher, W. van Oeveren
Source: Thrombosis Research, 108 (2002), 1 (October 01), 57-62

A Functional Link between the Actin Cytoskeleton and Lipid Rafts during Budding of Filamentous Influenza

Author(s): Martha Simpson-Holley, Darren Ellis, Dawn Fisher, Debra Elton, John McCauley, Paul Digard
Source: Virology, 301 (2002), 2 (September 30), 212-225

Characterization of materials ejected by excimer laser ablation of hydrated collagen gel

Author(s): K. Tsunoda, D. Kumaki, T. Takahashi, H. Yajima, T. Ishii, H. Itoh
Source: Applied Surface Science, 197-198 (2002), (September 30), 782-785

Kinetics of Site-Site Interactions in Supercoiled DNA with Bent Sequences

Author(s): Malte Bussiek, Konstantin Klenin, Jorg Langowski
Source: Journal of Molecular Biology, 322 (2002), 4 (September 27), 707-718

The central plug in the reconstituted undecameric c cylinder of a bacterial ATP synthase consists of

Author(s): T. Meier, U. Matthey, F. Henzen, P. Dimroth, D.J. Muller
Source: FEBS Letters, 505 (2002), 3 (September 21), 353-356

Dependence of a-Synuclein Aggregate Morphology on Solution Conditions
Author(s): Wolfgang Hoyer, Thomas Antony, Dmitry Cherny, Gudrun Heim, Thomas M. Jovin, Vinod
Source: Journal of Molecular Biology, 322 (2002), 2 (September 13), 383-393

End-joining of reconstituted histone H2AX-containing chromatin in vitro by soluble nuclear proteins from
human cells

Author(s): J.S. Siino, I.B. Nazarov, I.A. Zalenskaya, P.M. Yau, E.M. Bradbury, N.V. Tomilin
Source: FEBS Letters, 527 (2002), 1-3 (September 11), 105-108

Syncollin Homo-Oligomers Associate with Lipid Bilayers in the Form of Doughnut-shaped Structures

Author(s): N.A. Geisse, B. Wasle, D.E. Saslowsky, R.M. Henderson, J.M. Edwardson
Source: Journal of Membrane Biology, 189 (2002), 2 (September), 83-92

Binding of Dentin Noncollagenous Matrix Proteins to Biological Mineral Crystals: An Atomic Force Microscopy

Author(s): M.L. Wallwork, J. Kirkham, H. Chen, S-X Chang, C. Robinson, D.A. Smith, B.H. Clarkson
Source: Calcified Tissue International, 71 (2002), 3 (September), 249-256

Micromanipulation of phospholipid bilayers by atomic force microscopy

Author(s): N. Maeda, T.J. Senden, J.-M. di Meglio
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)/Biomembranes, 1564 (2002), 1 (August 19), 165-172

Immobilization of Antibodies on Glass Surfaces through Sugar Residues

Author(s): John P. Gering, Luca Quaroni, George Chumanov
Source: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 252 (2002), 1 (August 01), 50-56

Sensitivity studies for specific binding reactions using the biotin/streptavidin system by evanescent optical

Author(s): S. Busse, V. Scheumann, B. Menges, S. Mittler
Source: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 17 (2002), 8 (August), 704 - 710

Oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum and model sand surfaces in aqueous solutions: an atomic force microscope
(AFM) study

Author(s): R.F. Considine, D.R. Dixon, C.J. Drummond
Source: Water Research, 36 (2002), 14 (August), 3421-3428

Selfassembly of Metallic Nanoparticle Arrays by DNA Scaffolding

Author(s): Shoujun Xiao, Furong Liu, Abbey E. Rosen, James F. Hainfeld, Nadrian C. Seeman, Karin Musier-
Forsyth, Richard A. Kiehl
Source: Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 4 (2002), 4 (August), 313-317

Influence of Soft Drinks on the Thickness and Morphology of in Situ Acquired Pellicle Layer on Enamel

Author(s): Manuela Finke, David M. Parker, Klaus D. Jandt
Source: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 251 (2002), 2 (July 15), 263-270

Formation of Protein-Birnessite Complex: XRD, FTIR, and AFM Analysis

Author(s): A. Naidja, C. Liu, P.M. Huang
Source: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 251 (2002), 1 (July 01), 46-56

Cationic Cholesterol Promotes Gene Transfection Using the Nuclear Localization Signal in Protamine

Author(s): Ari Noguchi, Naohide Hirashima, Mamoru Nakanishi
Source: Pharmaceutical Research, 19 (2002), 7 (July), 933-938

Enhancement of bonding strength by graded structure at interface between apatite layer and bioactive tantalum

Author(s): T. Miyazaki, H.-M. Kim, T. Kokubo, C. Ohtsuki, H. Kato, T. Nakamura
Source: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 13 (2002), 7 (July), 651-655

Single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy of adenine and an analog of adenine using surface-enhanced Raman
scattering and fluorescence

Author(s): M. Ishikawa, Y. Maruyama, J.Y. Ye, M. Futamata
Source: Journal of Luminescence, 98 (2002), 1-4 (July), 81-89

An AFM determination of the effects on surface roughness caused by cleaning of fused silica and glass
substrates in the process of optical b iosensor preparation

Author(s): L. Henke, N. Nagy, U.J. Krull
Source: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 17 (2002), 6-7 (June 26), 547 - 555

Only amyloidogenic intermediates of transthyretin induce apoptosis

Author(s): Karin Andersson, Anders Olofsson, Ellen Holm Nielsen, Sven-Erik Svehag, Erik Lundgren
Source: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 294 (2002), 2 (June 07), 309-314

Hybrid molecular electronic devices based on modified deoxyguanosines

Author(s): R. Rinaldi, G. Maruccio, A. Biasco, V. Arima, R. Cingolani, T. Giorgi, S. Masiero, G.P. Spada, G.
Source: Nanotechnology, 13 (2002), 3 (June 01), 398-403

Elongation Correlates with Nutrient Deprivation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Unsaturated Biofilms

Author(s): R.E. Steinberger, A.R. Allen, H.G. Hansma, P.A. Holden
Source: Microbial Ecology, 43 (2002), 4 (June), 416-423

In situ atomic force microscopy of partially demineralized human dentin collagen fibrils

Author(s): Stefan Habelitz, Mehdi Balooch, Sally J. Marshall, Guive Balooch, Grayson W. Marshall Jr.
Source: Journal of Structural Biology, 138 (2002), 3 (June), 227-236

Blood protein adsorption onto chitosan

Author(s): J. Benesch, P. Tengvall
Source: Biomaterials, 23 (2002), 12 (June), 2561-2568

Identification and Structure of a Putative Ca2+-binding Domain at the C Terminus of AQP1

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Direct observations of aluminosilicate weathering in the hyporheic zone of an A ntarctic Dry Valley stream

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Application of atomic force microscopy in the study of microbiologically influenced corro sion

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Atomic force microscopic studies on the structure of bovine femoral cortical bone at the collagen fibril-mineral

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Force measurements on the molecular interactions between ligand (RGD) and human platelet α β

3 receptor
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Invasive forms of Toxoplasma gondii, Leishmania amazonensis and Trypanosoma cruzi have a positive charge at
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