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Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   28 Deep Detox & Cleanse Program by Designs for Health
This 28 Deep Day Detox and Cleaning Program is one of the simplest and most effective
ways to achieve a healthy body and clear mind which you will enjoy for the rest of the
year! This is a deeper detox than the 14-Day Detox by DFH.
It includes PaleoCleanse Powder by DFH, PaleoFiber by DFH and the Detoxification
Support Packets by DFH. You'll also get a 28-Day Guide PDF showing your supplement
schedule, optimal food choices, program guidelines, and how to live a detox lifestyle.
"Tremendous increase in energy and focus. Complete loss of cravings, anxiety, etc.
Lost 24 pounds, 5% of body fat, 2-3 inches in waist!!!!! Easy to follow, even on big
travel schedule. Will do it again."

Jim A. West Norwalk, CT

I loved the convenience of the program. I will do it every 6 months.

Ron M. Old Lyme, CT
Symptoms which may be relieved by following a detox program include:
Our bodies detox continuously as a natural function. It's only when our detox
mechanisms become overloaded that the process becomes less efficient and symptoms
may occur. Toxins may be internal or external in origin. Pollution or pesticides in our
food source put undue stress on our detox organs, the kidneys and liver. Improper
digestion and imbalanced gut ecology provide internal forms of toxins in the way of
metabolic by-products stemming from certain bacteria which have toxic side effects and
therefore impact negatively on overall health by compromising detox pathways.
It has been suggested that toxic overload contributes to more serious conditions such as
autoimmune diseases, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders such
as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The goal of this program is to gently and slowly cleanse
your body of toxins that add an extra burden so serious diseases like these can be
avoided. This program should turn your liver into a healthy, cleansing machine.
What a carefully planned detoxification program can offer you:
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr  
Mental Detoxification:
The cleansing of our mind of negative thought patterns is essential to health and physical
detoxification and can aid in this process. Emotionally, detoxification helps us uncover
and express hidden frustrations, anger, resentments and fear and replace them with
forgiveness, love, joy and hope.
28 Day Detox / Cleanse comes with these products:
PaleoCleanse Powder - 1 scoop twice a day for 1 week, followed by 1 scoop a day for 2 more weeks PaleoFiber powder Unflavored - 1 TBSP a day mixed with water at a separate time of day as the PaleoCleanse Detoxification & Support Packets by DFH - Take 1 packet in AM and one in PM, for 28 days. PaleoCleanse
A comprehensive functional food powder that is the backbone of support for the
detoxification program. PaleoCleanse is available in either a plant derived base of pea
protein isolate, (or in a whey protein base for those who can tolerate dairy). Its nutrients
and herbs fuel detoxification pathways and promote liver function. PaleoCleanse also
contains a full multivitamin/mineral and antioxidant complex.
Dose: Titrated up and down to a maximum of 2 scoops 3 times a day.
This blend of soluble and insoluble fibers from nature will aid regularity as well as move
toxins out of the gastrointestinal tract quickly.
Dose: 1 Tbs per day in water or with PaleoCleanse.
Detoxification Support Packets
We are being inundated with toxins on a daily basis. Our ability to handle these toxins is
dependent on our bodys ability to detoxify them. Cleaning up our diet is a great first step.
Less toxins going in means less toxins that have to come out. The following supplements
are crucial for preventing toxins from getting partially detoxified into more harmful
compounds and then being dumped back into the bloodstream. Therefore, these packets
are just as important to the success of this cleanse as is the dietary changes. Each packet
Detox Antiox (1) (antioxidants to protect the cells from toxins)
LV-GB Complex (1) (liver/gallbladder support)
Amino-D-Tox (3) (prevents toxins from getting stuck in the body)
Dose: Take 2 packets daily (1 am packet and 1 pm packet).
Optional Add-ons:
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   PaleoMeal
A complete protein powder used as a meal replacement. The nutrient combination in
PaleoMeal is ideal for use within a detoxification program. It provides protein and
minerals that are in greater demand while one is detoxifying, and helps to prevent muscle
loss. It comes as either a whey (dairy) or a dairy free version made with Peatein,TM a
natural food-grade pea protein concentrate.
Dose: 1 scoop per meal, as desired for meal replacement. Dairy-free PaleoMeal dose is 2
scoops per serving.
A combination of vegetable, fruit and berries high in nutritional value that helps to
alkalinize the body.
Dose: 1 Tbs per day in water or with PaleoCleanse.
Detox Program Guidelines
Follow these guidelines THROUGHOUT the 28 Day Detoxification Program (including
precleanse week):
Drink one half oz per pound of body weight of purified water each and every day for the entire 28 day program. Take two Detoxification Support Packets each day, one first thing in the morning and one before bed at night. Eliminate sugars, desserts & artificial sweeteners. Natural low-impact sweeteners, such as stevia & polyols (e.g. xylitol & erythritol) are allowed. Eliminate dairy products such as milk, cheese and ice cream. If you are tolerant, you may use organic, unsweetened, live culture yogurt and low-heat-processed whey protein products. Eliminate gluten by avoiding foods which contain wheat, oats, rye, spelt, kamut, bulgur, couscous, and barley. This includes pastas, bread, crackers, cereals, and other products made from these grains. Gluten-free whole grains include brown rice, wild rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat and are allowable during the detox program. Choose lean, clean quality protein. Organic/grass fed meat & poultry are allowed. Cold water fish (preferably wild over farm-raised) is acceptable. Eliminate all alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages including coffee, tea and soda. Read customer questions and answers about detoxification on our blog.
to be followed for the entire 28 day detoxification program.
Organic/hormone-free chicken, turkey, lamb and beef, cold water fish
(salmon, halibut, cod, mackerel, tuna - choose wild ocean fish over farm raised fish),
organic eggs. Organic legumes are acceptable for vegetarians.
Organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic cultured butter, ghee (clarified butter),
hempseed oil, avocado, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, and walnut oils, raw nuts and seeds.
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX FRUIT CHOICES:
Berries (blueberries/raspberries/
Cherries, pears, apricots, melons, plums, oranges, peaches, grapefruit, apples, prunes,
kiwi, nectarines, tangerines


Herbal teas, naturally decaffeinated green tea, spring water, vegetable juices,
coconut water


Unlimited green vegetables such as salad greens, spinach, green beans, cruciferous
vegetables, and raw
sauerkraut. Limit starchy vegetables.
Lemon, lime, cayenne pepper, sea salt, garlic, fresh herbs and spices, flax/olive oil & raw
apple cider
vinegar for dressings
Nuts (raw are best), hummus, raw or steamed vegetables, low glycemic
fruit, almond butter with apple slices


Choose a combination of the following vegetables equaling approximately 1 - 2 cups:
celery, green beans, zucchini, spinach, parsley, kale, chard, carrots, onion, garlic, and
favorite spices. Place vegetables in a soup pot with a significant amount of filtered water
(more than enough to cover). Bring to boil and then let simmer for 45 minutes. Strain and
keep the broth. You may drink as much of this broth as you want during the 28 day
Detoxification Program but at least 1 cup per day. This recipe will keep in the refrigerator
for 3 days. Please do not freeze and defrost. Make fresh as needed. If you do not have a
sensitive system you may puree the vegetables and broth together in a blender and take as
a heartier soup.
Detoxification Support Packets
These convenient Detoxification Support Packets combine the key nutrients needed for optimal detoxification. Take in one easy packet, twice daily. 1. Detox  Antiox  (1  capsule  per  packet)  
2. LV-­GB  Complex  (1  capsule  per  packet)  
3. Amino-­D-­Tox?  (3  capsules  per  packet)  
Detox Antiox
Serving Size 2 Vegetarian Capsules
Product contains:
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   Vitamin  C  (as  Ascorbic  Acid)  500  mg;     Vitamin  E  47  IU    (d-­‐gamma  tocopherol  90  mg;  d-­‐delta  tocopherol  37.5  mg;  d-­‐alpha  tocopherol  20  mg;  d-­‐beta  tocopherol  2.5  mg)     Biotin  (as  d-­‐Biotin)  150  mcg;     Zinc  (TRAACS®  Zinc  Glycinate  Chelate)  15  mg;     Selenium  (as  Selenomethionine)  100  mcg;     Manganese  (TRAACS®  Manganese  Glycinate  Chelate)  3  mg;     Molybdenum  (TRAACS®  molybdenum  glycinate  chelate)  100  mcg;     N-­‐Acetyl  Cysteine  (NAC)  250  mg;     Leucine  150  mg;  Alpha  Lipoic  Acid  90  mg;     Green  Tea  (Camellia  sinensis)  (leaves)    [standardized  to  contain  50%  EGCg  and  90%  polyphenols]  50  mg;     Turmeric  Extract  (Curcuma  longa)  (root)    [standardized  to  contain  95%  curcuminoids]  50  mg;     Grape  Seed  Extract  (Vitis  vinifera)    (oligomeric  proanthocyanidins  from  grape  seeds  complexed  with  phosphatidylcholine)  50  mg    
LV-GB Complex
ServingSize: 3 Capsules
Product contains:
Vitamin  A  (as  Beta-­‐Carotene)  5000  IU  50  mg  25  mg     Vitamin  B6  (as  Pyridoxal-­‐5-­‐Phosphate)  5  mg     Vitamin  B12  (as  Methylcobalamin)  15  mcg     Milk  Thistle  (Silybum  marianum)  100  mg  [standardized  to  contain  80%  silybins]     Greater  Celadine  (Chelidonium  majus)  (whole  plant)  50  mg     Dandelion  Root  (Taraxacum  mongolicum)  (whole  plant)  50  mg  [standardized  to  contain  15%  taraxasterol]     Fringe  Tree  (Chionanthus  virginicus)  (bark)  50  mg     Artichoke  (Cynara  scolymus)  (aerial)  50  mg  [standardized  to  contain  5%  cynarine]     Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate, rice flour.
Six Capsules Contain:
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   N-­‐Acetyl  L-­‐Cysteine  250  mg   Calcium-­‐D-­‐Glucarate  200  mg    
Detox Antiox
Detox Antiox synergistically combines many nutrients that have a positive effect on the immune system.
This formula contains multiple ingredients known to raise glutathione levels making it helpful for
supporting phase II liver detoxification. It also combats free radicals and helps detoxify harmful chemicals
including heavy metals. L-Leucine when taken with NAC prevents mercury from being reabsorbed into the
central nervous system. It is designed to aid the production of metallothionein. The vitamin E is 60%
gamma, mixed tocopherols. Lipoic acid regenerates vitamins E and C and supplies sulfur for detoxification.
Two capsules daily of this powerful formula also provides the well-researched antioxidants green tea, grape
seed extract and curcumin. Detox Antiox is a critical supplement for anyone under high amounts of stress,
or exposed to environmental toxins and pollution.
Benefits of Detox Antiox
Environmental  Toxins  and  Pollution     Cancer  and  Other  Diseases     Provides  Optimal  Antioxidant  Protection    
LV-GB Complex

LV-GB Complex provides support for liver and gallbladder function by providing lipotropic substances to
aid in the elimination of fatty substances from the liver, as well as promoting proper bile flow (i.e.: L-
methionine, L-taurine, inositol and choline, betacarotene, ox bile). Critical catalysts of hepatic
detoxification enzymes are also included (i.e.: pyridoxyl-5-phosphate form of B6, folic acid, and B12).
These are mixed with a combination of hepatic (aid the liver) and cholagogue (aid bile flow) herbs, such as
Milk Thistle, Greater Celandine, Dandelion, Fringe Tree, Artichoke, and Beet root for optimal processing
and elimination of toxins.
Dandelion (Taraxicum) is a well-established cholagogue (stimulates bile flow), diuretic and appetite
stimulant. Milk Thistle (Silymarin) is a well-researched protective herb for the hepatocytes (liver cells), and
has even demonstrated the ability to promote the regeneration of liver cells in subjects with hepatitis and
other liver disorders. It can also aid in the flow of bile to promote optimal gallbladder function. Greater
Celandine (Chelidonium majus), Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus), and Artichoke (Cynara scolymus)
can reduce pain in the bile ducts and the gastrointestinal tract by virtue of their antispasmodic properties,
and they are often traditionally used in liver and gallbladder disorders, including non-obstructive gallstones.
Beet Leaf (Beta vulgaris) is a valuable source of betaine (trimethylglycine), which can act to reduce fatty
infiltration and degeneration of the liver. LV-GB Complex is designed to also support optimal digestion
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   and assimilation of essential fats and fat soluble vitamins making this formula appropriate for people who
have had their gall bladder removed surgically and people suffering from skin disorders.
Amino D-Tox
Encapsulated  formula  for  support  of  liver  detoxification     Perfect  for  those  who  may  need  added  cleansing  support  in  addition  to  PaleoCleanse     Ideal  for  patients  who  prefer  not  to  use  functional  powders   Convenient  for  travel  and  for  taking  to  work  for  mid-­‐day  dosing     Supports  Phase  II  (conjugation)  without  upregulating  Phase  I  (CP-­‐450)  for  imbalanced  or  pathological  detoxifiers     Formulated  for  the  absolute  minimal  potential  for  allergenicity  (no  botanicals)   Suited  for  the  most  sensitive  of  patients,  such  as  those  with  multiple  chemical  sensitivity  (MCS)     Amino D-Tox was designed by clinicians to biochemically upregulate Phase II detoxification. It is free of
herbals, minerals and B vitamins which would also upregulate Phase I detoxification. Patients who are
chemically injured, who have chronic illness, and who are pathologic detoxifiers (slow Phase II pathways),
will find that this product will gently upregulate all conjugation pathways, resulting in excretion of the
pollutants without mobilizing more oxidized toxins from body fat stores.
These oxidized pollutants can be more toxic and harmful than the original substance. The Phase II
conjugating pathways must be prepared to deal with Phase I metabolites before these pathways are
stimulated. For enhancing the liver?s ability to detoxify chemicals, this product should be used before any
other powdered or encapsulated detoxification formula until all conjugating pathways are all working
Candida  Quiz  (PartA)  
Do you feel sick all over? Have you ever considered that there maybe and underlying problem causing you
to feel bad? If so, you may have something called Candidiasis, also known as the ?yeast syndrome?. This is
characterized by patients saying they ?feel sick all over?. Fatigue, allergies, immune system malfunction,
depression, skin problems (including rashes, eczema, and psoriasis), chemical sensitivity, and digestive
disturbances are just some of the symptoms patients with the yeast syndrome may experience. Many people
have Candida overgrowth or candidiasis without knowing it. If you think that this may be something to
consider, please also take some time to review our webpage on Candida before beginning your liver detox.
We would suggest that you begin to eliminate the candida before or at the same time you begin Step I of
the detox program.

Candida Quiz (PartA)
To find out if Candida is a problem for you, take part A of our candida quiz. If you
score above 25, we suggest you take the full candida quiz to discover the severity of your overgrowth.
1. Have  you  taken  tetracycline  (Sumycin?,  Panmycin?,  Vibramycin?,Minocin?,   etc.)  or  other  antibiotics  for  acne  for  1  month  (or  longer)?    
Point  score-­‐50  
2. Have  you,  at  any  time  in  your  life,  taken  other  "broad  spectrum"  antibiotics   for  respiratory,  urinary  or  other  infections  for  2  months  or  longer,  or  for  
shorter  periods  4  or  more  times  in  a  1-­‐year  span?  
Point  score-­‐50  
3. Have  you  taken  a  broad  spectrum  antibiotic  drug  ?  even  for  one  period?     Point  score-­‐6  
4. Have  you,  at  any  time  in  your  life,  been  bothered  by  persistent  prostatitis,   vaginitis,  or  other  problems  affecting  your  reproductive  organs?    
Point  score-­‐25  
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care   Radiant Self-Care for Ease-full, Empowered and Awakened Living with Dr Bobbi Spurr   5. Have  you  been  pregnant  2  or  more  times?     Point  score-­‐5  
Pregnant  1  time?    
Point  score-­‐3  
6. Have  you  taken  birth  control  pills  for  more  than  2  years?     Point  score-­‐15  
Taken  birth  control  pills  6  months  to  2  years?    
Point  score-­‐8  
7.  Have  you  taken  prednisone,  Decadron?,  or  other  cortisone-­‐type  drugs  by   mouth  or  inhalation**  for  more  than  2  weeks?    
Point  score-­‐15  
Taken  these  drugs  2  weeks  or  less?    
Point  score-­‐6  
8. Does  exposure  to  perfumes,  insecticides,  fabric  shop  odors,  or  other   chemicals  provoke  moderate  to  severe  symptoms?    
Point  score-­‐20  
Does  exposure  produce  mild  symptoms?    
Point  score-­‐5  
9. Are  your  symptoms  worse  on  damp,  muggy  days  or  in  moldy  places?     Point  score-­‐20  
10. Have  you  had  athlete?s  foot,  ringworm,  "jock  itch"  or  other  chronic  fungus   infections  of  the  skin  or  nails  that  have  been  severe  or  persistent?  
Point  score-­‐20  
If  mild  or  moderate?    
Point  score-­‐10  
Point  score-­‐10  
Point  score-­‐10  
13. Do  you  crave  alcoholic  beverages?   Point  score-­‐10  
14. Does  tobacco  smoke  really  bother  you?     Point  score-­‐10  
 2013  Radiant  Self-­‐Care  


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