Stage race checklist

Personal Kit List
☐ Gloves (need a winter & summer pair) Bike Spares List
☐ Tyres (spare + wet/dry weather change) Ride Hardware
☐ Pre-race & recovery shake (3 servings per day) ☐ Sports drink (plan at least 750ml per hour) First Aid
☐ Glutamine (1 teaspoon per day - post race) ☐ an electrolyte formula containing magnesium, calcium Contact Numbers
Created by Brett Arthur
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Each race morning
Eating on the ride
Eat your “usual” breakfast. You shouldn’t change anything. Choose foods that your body is Ensure that your diet is balanced that prioritises accustomed to racing on, such as oats, bananas, complex carbohydrate intake with vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, rice and oats. The protein that you include should be of good quality, and Approximately 45 minutes before the start, take 2 preferably lean. Consider chicken and lean red scoops of your pre-race endurance shake with Other Foods:
To round off your diet you should include “healthy Remember to apply your your shammy cream.
Always stick to food that you have raced on before. fats”. Add olive oil, sunflower seeds, nuts, flaxseed You should never eat something for the first time in Just before the race start
Once you enter the final 3 to five days before your Drink 250ml - 500ml of your favourite sports • You can eat savoury and salty foods, such as event you should start to include 3-6 scoops of your pre-race endurance shake, divided into 3 Eat 1 carbohydrate gel with a few mouthfuls of servings throughout the day. The number of • Avoid simple sugars including biscuits, scoops you are using should be based on your leanness; the more lean you are the more your During your race
intake should be. Stick to the following schedule: Liquids (Sports drink or water)
10h00: 1 to 2 Scoops pre-race endurance shake in
200ml to 400ml water.
You should drink approximately 750ml of your 2 scoops post-race recovery shake in 400ml chilled favourite sports drink, or water, every hour.
water immediately afterwards to reload exhausted 15h00: 1 to 2 Scoops pre-race endurance shake in
Electrolyte jellies:
For the rest of the day, sip one to two 750ml Before Bed: 1-2 scoops pre-race endurance shake
Eat  an electrolyte jelly every 1.5 - 2 hours during bottles of post-race recovery shake.
For additional liquid and electrolyte loading you Carbohydrate Gel regime option 1: Gels with
should add the following supplements to your diet water alone:
Optional: Take 1 or 2 lactate buffers.
If you prefer to ride on water alone, make sure that Each race night
• Sip one to two 750ml bottles of your race sports you consume one carbohydrate gel every 40 - 45 minutes. Most of the modern carbohydrate gels are not quick boosters, so they need an “overlap” time, carbohydrates, together with quality proteins, • Add 1 teaspoon glutamine to your before-bed which usually about 5-10 minutes. You should not vegetables and good fats, as identified above.
wait until you begin to feel tired before taking your • Take 3 calcium/magnesium/zinc combo tablets Drink 1 or 2 scoops pre-race endurance shake in Option 2: Carbohydrate Gels in with your sports
• Take a good vitamin-C supplement.
Take one energy carbohydrate gel every 2 hours in addition to your energy drink. This becomes Take 3 calcium/magnesium/zinc combo tablets per • Slightly increase your salt intake.
• Optional: Take a lactate buffer. This is important if you’re going to be racing hard and fast.
Contact Megan at Pace and Power for a comprehensive guide to your race nutrition requirements, and to order your nutritional supplements:
Created by Brett Arthur
or visit the Pace and Power website a



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