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for Dr. ZEE KHAN


Please make sure your incision is checked at least once daily for signs and symptoms of infection: If any of the below should occur, please call the office.

Drainage (continued or increased) from incision Flu-like symptoms
Increased redness and/or tenderness around your incision
If you have staples or outside visible sutures for your incision, then they will be removed 2 weeks following your surgery. They may
be removed by a visiting nurse, family physician or by making an appointment to come into the office. Please leave steri-strips
(bandaid-like tapes placed across your incision) in place and let them fall off on their own. The inside sutures are absorbable and will
heal the incision on their own.


You must wear the provided brace after surgery at all times when you are out of bed unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon. Do not discontinue your brace before discussing it with Dr Khan or his office directly. Always wear a T-shirt under your brace so that the brace is not in direct contact with incision or bare skin. The brace may cause you to sweat and you may feel warm, this can irritate your incision so pay special attention to the above “incision” instructions.

You may shower 5 (five) days after surgery and take sponge baths before that time. Do not scrub the incision. Always place
a clean dry dressing after the bath or shower. If your dressings were not removed before your discharge from the hospital, you
may remove them 48 hours (2 days) after your surgery. Hair washing is permissible while in the shower. No tub baths, hot tubs,
swimming pools, or whirlpools for 6 weeks.


You should only lift objects weighing less than 10lbs. Do not bend or twist at the waist - always bend your knees to reach down! Limit your sitting to 20-30 minute intervals. You should lie down or walk in between sitting periods. There are no limitations for sitting in a recliner chair. Walk as much as possible - let discomfort be your guide. You may also go up and down stairs as you can tolerate. Walking outside (as long as it is nice weather) or walking slowly & carefully on a treadmill is permitted (no incline) Take pain medication as prescribed. As your pain level decreases, you may begin to take over-the-counter Extra Strength Tylenol.
DO NOT take anti-inflammatories like (Advil, Alleve, Motrin, Naprosyn, etc) for 10 weeks after surgery. Taking anti-
inflammatories can decrease your fusion healing.
Do not resume taking Fosamax until 8 weeks after your fusion surgery. To help alleviate persistent soreness around the hip bone graft site (if taken), apply ice or warm moist compresses. It is normal
for hip graft discomfort to persist for several weeks following your surgery. The best thing is to keep walking and strengthen the
hip muscle.

You may NOT drive a car until told otherwise by your physician. You may be a passenger for short distances (20-30minutes). If you must take a longer trip, make sure to make several rest stops so that you can walk around and stretch your legs. Reclining the passenger seat seems to be the most comfortable position for most patients.

Please make an appointment 2 and 6 weeks from your surgery date – Call (405) 271-2663. For additional questions, call our office at (405) 271-2663 during regular business hours or go to OU emergency room. If you have chest pain, trouble breathing, car accident, or prolonged nausea/vomiting, then go to the nearest Emergency Room.


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Placebo article by M. Niemi A man whom his doctors referred to as “Mr. Wright” was dying from cancer of the lymph nodes. Orange-size tumors had invaded his neck, groin, chest and abdomen, and his doctors had exhausted all available treatments. Nevertheless, Mr. Wright was confident that a new anticancer drug called Krebiozen would cure him, according to a 1957 report by psychologist Bruno


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