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Ver: 15 th Feb 2010
10 year on Pool Structure
Phone Home:
10 year on Interior Liner
Phone Mobile: ( 02 )
5 year on the Filter & MPV
1 year on the Pool Pump & OZONE unit
3 Year Quality Workmanship Guarantee
Further to our inspection of your site and discussions on the proposed swimming pool, we
have prepared a quotation for the pool based on your requirements. Set out below are our

"Our guarantees are transferrable should you sell your house!(conditions apply)
specifications for the proposed pool together with our quotation for the cost of building.
This is the best guarantee that you will receive from any pool company in New Zealand, and
"We've been building pools for decades longer than our Guarantees"

Pool Range & Model:
"You don't have the time to become an expert on pool construction! With Cascade,
the facts speak for themselves! More Kiwi Kids have learnt to swim in Cascade pools than
any other in-ground swimming pools built in New Zealand. Since our beginnings in the early
70's, we have constructed more than 8,000 Aqualux interior pools in New Zealand,
Australia, and the Pacific Islands - and our Certified expert staff rank highly amongst the
most experienced pool people in the swimming pool industry anywhere in the world today!"
Master Pool Builders Incorporated:
Cascade was instrumental in the formation of the original New Zealand Swimming Pool Association
Total up Schedule A next!
This Quotation includes the following equipment and accessories or additional expenses .
more than 30 years ago in 1976 and Cascade founder Laurence E (Larry) Ogden was First New
Zealand President, being elected as President for four terms, remaining Executive Director until 1984

Schedule A on page two (left hand box)
and in general membership until 1991. In 1992, Larry was a Founder Members of the
New Zealand
Pool Quotation:
On-Site costs per Schedule B on page two (right hand box)
Master Pool Builders Inc .comprising qualifying swimming pool professionals with Ten (10) or
more years experience in pools construction. The NZMPB strives for its members to uphold the code
of ethics and produce a quality end product. These qualifications are an important consideration to
you when choosing your pool.

"I give you my undertaking that when you choose me* to build your swimming pool I will use my best effortsto provide the best possible value, quality of workmanship and durability for your money" Site Consultant's Name
Member Master Pool Builders
Diploma of Pool Technology
Heat Pump: FM14
Other ______________Output ___Kw $
Cover Roller $
Contact Number
Write amount in full:
____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
*Authorised Site Consultant or Franchisee of:
Schedule A
Total for this Quotation (Including G.S.T.) Pool construction Progress Payment Schedule
Ultimate Pool Construction:
Walls 1.100m high hot-dip GalvSteel Wall modules with 150x100 top and 350x250 steel reinforced bottom bond beams Deposit on signing Agreement
& 75mm of 17mpa to 25mpa Concrete smooth rendered base/floor, drainage backfill for hydrostatic encirclement - all to Retention Payment due 20th month following completion
Payment on commencement of pool installation
85% of balance
Engineer’s specification PS1& 2 and PS3 (PS4 where required by Council) meeting NZS 3600 code for residential The prices stated in this quotation will be held for ninety (90) days from the dateon the first page, after which time we reserve the right of review. Payment on day pool is filled and filtration started
15% of balance
swimming pools. (Classic & Suburban models may differ in specification) Pool Internal finish & Copings (Pool edge finish):
Progress Payment terms may vary from time to time.
Aqualux .50 or .75 Heavy Duty flexible wedge seamed pool interior which extends to top of wall module (no underwaterseal) with choice of three Blues, six Classic Marble Prints, four Silver Overprints or "Refections" Printed Tilebands Check our WEB SITE www.cascade.co.nz QuoteForm26Auguet2009.pmd Cascade Industries Limited 1997- 2009
interior on varying base colours, 250 x 250 x 50mm (nominal size) pool edging stones (aka Copings).
Schedule B
Optional ExtraCost items:
Schedule A
(Ticked items Included in the Schedule A pool quotation)
(Ticked items are included in the Schedule B quotation) Heat Pumps (Electrical Connection additional with all Heat Pumps) FM14 14Kw nominal output Heat Pump up to 40m2 pools, inc delivery & plumbing FM21 23Kw nominal output Heat Pump up to 60m2 pools, inc delivery & plumbing Pool cover - 92% o/night Heat retention “Bubble” type 5 x 10 (50 m2 @ $20.00) Pool cover - 96% o/night Heat retention “Series 2001" 5 x 10 (50 m2 @ $40.00) Pool Cover Roller system - Platinum w/5m Aluminium Tube & rollers Add Pipe & Fittings for more skimmers $ _______ SWIMJET pumps FILTERMASTER 2.0hp & JETSTREAM (per unit) Pool Deck Equipment kit, comprising.
Exclusions: Note - Please be sure you understand these exclusions! Aqualux 770 20Yr Guarantee nterior
The following items are specifically excluded from this quotation, as inclement weather, varying site conditions and location
of tip sites affect the final cost, which cannot be - and are not - anticipated by Cascade Pools: (WITHOUT PREJUDICE)

Add Stainless Steel "P" Grab Rail 1. Building Approvals & other Council Fees are payable direct to Council by you. Some Councils require a PS4 (Construction Review
by the Structural Engineer) which will be an additional price. The cost of processing application forms, production of a Site Plan.

MH Design Ltd Enginering Specifications and Drawings for a Cascade specific pool cost $562.50
Aqualux Silver OverPrint upgrade
2. Excavation & Removal of soil even moving about on the site is YOUR CARE. Trucking soil may involve eight or more hours of
truck hire, and TRAFFIC PROBLEMS can add hours to the bill. Tips Fees may be payable, adding $500 - $1,500.
Heating & Solar Preparation Fittings *
NOTE: Damage to driveways etc. is NOT COVERED by Cascade's insurance, and probably NOT COVERED by the trucking company either!
6 -in-1 Chemistry Kit & Aquachek Strips Check with your Insurance Broker to see if you need a day or two's cover when the excavation takes place!
3. Electrical connections to filter plant, ozonator, chlorinator, lights-to-transformers/extra wire, transformers, or other associated
electrical equipment are YOUR CARE. You need a waterproof three-pin wall outlet for the pool filter, and a 15 amp line for a 2.4 Kw
(input) Heat Pump. Pool lights come with a 12v-240v single or multiple transformer (Power Supply Authority regulations)
4. Use of Hydrant or Tanker fill water is your care. Get a local quote for Tanker Fill. If you must use your own rainwater tanks or
Example of beautiful free-form sprayed concrete swimming pool by CASCADE bore water to fill the pool, there will be a crew standby charge of $650.00 per day (+GST) while the pool fills slowly. Any equipment
on hire may also be affected by the delay and will be charged to your account with us.

Aditional Council requirements, extra supervision etc.
5. Compliance Deposit - May vary from $500 to $1000 depending on Council (refundable after final inspection), Resource Consents,
Geotechnical or PS4 Engineer's Reports, or any other Council requirements are excluded from this quotation unless noted.
Excavation rebuild materials & labour 6. Undiscovered Country - underground obstacle encountered during excavation, anticipated or otherwise even if discussed with
us prior to excavation, infill, re-build or buildup of the excavation, perphipheral damage to adjoining structures, retaining or shoring
as required as a result will be a chargeable extra.
* Substitutions of equal/better quality may be made at our discretion 7. Pool Fencing: Required under the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987, and which must be in place prior to filling the swimming
Delivery, mileage, travel & accommodation
pool. If you want us to arrange temporary fencing for you, you will be billed direct by the supplier.
A refundable Compliance Bond may be payable to your local Council Construction Supervision and PS4 from Structural Engineer (if required by Council) Project Manager: Concept drawing/manage sub trades $995 Inc GST Architectural Service fee for drawing up site plan and presenting to Council TOTAL of Schedule B
$ _______________
Council Building Approvals (Building Permit Fees) Resource Management Act Fees (Deposit only) Prices quoted here includes fitting labour.
Charge for crew travel @ $1.00 per Km.
Tracked Machine to remove soil out to street: Motel accommodation per two man crew @ $150.00 per night inc meals, times the estimated construction days.
Motel for Coping Installer = two extra nights @ $150.00 per night.
Pier Holes 300mm x 1.5m _____ Holes @ $ 80.00 per drilling Tip Fees _____ Loads @ $ 100.00 per load (may require cheque) * Pier cost steel reinforcing concrete and labour only. Excavation extra Electrical Hookup of electrical equipment, pool lights etc. supplied with pool Moduline Pool Fencing _____Meters @ $150.00 Landscaping/Color Paving/Decking _____Meters @ $250.00(per Sq Meter ) (We won a total of thirty(30) GOLD and SILVER Medals in the Master Pool Builder's Guild competitions since 2001!)
Up to 1.0m Retaining Wall_____Meters @ $200.00(per Sq Meter ) Water Cost: Tanker $600 - $1,200 - Hydrant Hire inc Water (Local Council $250.00) Other Items: (Tick One)
No allowance included for excavation, soil removal, transporter, bobcat or truck hire, or on-site excavation delays THIS IS A PRICE GUIDE ONLY AND IS NOT A QUOTATION! No allowance for Design\Engineering Drawings included, GET QUOTES
Allowance of $750.00 (Inc. GST) for Site Plan, MH Design Engineering Drawings & Structural Calculatons for Pool YOURSELF!
Add in pool quotation (from front page) here —————————> THIS IS AN
OWNERSHIP of a CASCADE SWIMMING POOL automatically enrolls you in the on-line POOL OWNERS CLUB.
Check our WEB SITE www.cascade.co.nz Pool Chemicals and supplies are discounted up to 50%. Never pay RETAIL AGAIN!

Source: http://www.cascade.co.nz/downloads/QUOTE15Feb2010.pdf


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