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Dr. Cara’s Powerful IMMUNE BOOSTERS!
Got the sniffles or a cold?
Here are a few natural helpers to boost your immune system while your body adapts and strengthens. Remember… colds & flu symptoms are how a healthy body FIGHTS bacterial and viral invaders and strengthens your immune system! If you are having the same symptoms over & over, however, talk with me. Easy ways to strengthen your immune system:
1. Get extra adjustments – If your body is fighting a cold or infection, you want your nervous
system and immune system fighting and learning to their best capacity. Chiropractic adjustments
have been shown to boost your immune system 200%, by taking pressure off the nervous system
so you will recruit all your natural resources.
2. Double your whole foods supplements – Xango, Juice Plus…whatever you are taking for
your wellness, just double it. Your body will need those great nutrients to rebuild damaged
tissue from the invaders.
3. Water – A simple formula is to divide your body weight by 2 and that is the minimum number
of ounces to drink per day. The invaders will be damaging tissue throughout your body and
water is a great way to flush the debris out and bring in good nutrition.
4. Echinacea/Goldenseal – These are wonderful herbal supplements that aid your immune system
in fighting the bugs. As a guideline don’t buy the cheapest one. Ask me which one I
recommend…we carry it in the office for your convenience… & ask me how to take it.
5. Probiotics - PLEASE use the Natures Sunshine Probiotic11 that we suggest. We carry it in
the office for your convenience. It has 11 different beneficial bacteria! Align, for example, only
has 1. We need a complex gut flora for optimal immune and digestive health.
1. Sun Breeze – Topically use a small DAB on each cheek bone and each eyebrow. Put a DROP
in a mug of boiling water (do not drink) and inhale the steam GENTLY with a towel over your
head. Put a drop in your humidifier (clean 1x per wk). Also, put one drop on the floor of the
shower while showering. I carry it in the office as well.
2. Acupressure points – Gently press for 5 – 10 seconds on each cheek bone and then on each eyebrow. You may do this several times but be sure to be gentle. 3. Hum – Lots of humming especially in the shower will help loosen up the mucous in those sinuses. 4. Sinus flush system – From simple to intricate, these sinus irrigation systems give relief to hundreds of my patients. Use simple saline and begin to get relief. Sore Throats:
1. Grapefruit seed extract – Big immune booster. Gargle with this several times per day and swallow if you can. 2. Zand’s throat spray – Herbal spray that delivers real relief. 3. Chamomile tea – This tea has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and sooths a sore throat.Either no sweetener, or just a little honey! 4. Apple cider vinegar – Great mucous cutter! Minimally 1 teaspoon in 8oz of water. Gargle several times per day and drink for good health. 5. Sore throat drops – BE CAREFUL HERE! These do have sugar so only use if an emergency. Use Zinc or Ricola honey-herb flavor. 6. Salt water – Gargle several times per day Stay FAR away from these!
Dairy products – These are HUGE mucous producers – milk, cheese, (anything made from milk) Sugar and refined carbohydrates – No sugary drinks, alcohol, no bottled fruit drinks (including no Orange juice! – this actually increases bacteria and mucous), no crackers, cakes, cookies, etc. Caffeine & Smoking – This affects your blood system and restricts proper immune function. Remember the most important one…get in & get adjusted!!!
Our practice members tell us that when they get adjusted regularly
they get better quicker…and if they get adjusted regularly they
usually avoid the illness completely!!!


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