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International Thespian Society
Troupe #1876
Application for Membership
revised 4/08
Name ______________________________________ Address ___________________________________ City __________________________ Zip ______________________ Home phone ______________________Parents Names ___________________________________________________ 1. Are you a current member of the PCH Players? ______ How long? ______ 2. Are you in good standing with the PCH Players? (paid dues, followed through with activities, etc) _________ 3. FILL OUT THE ATTACHED ITS POINT RECORD SHEET. REMEMBER. YOU NEED A TOTAL OF 10 PTS IN 3 DIFFERENT AREAS. BELOW IS A LIST OF THE AREAS WHICH YOU MAY DRAW POINTS FROM.
(List all managing positions held for all 1-acts, mainstage or dinner theatre production; ie: Comp.Stg Mng-Bus Stop)
(List all crew positions held for all 1-acts, mainstage or dinner theatre production; ie: costume crew-Lend Me A Tenor)
(List all technical positions held for all school wide events and for the Music Department; ie: talent show, Prism)
(List all roles and size for all 1-acts, mainstage or dinner theatre production; ie: Bunny-lead-House of Blue Leaves)
(List all DRAMA activities or events sponsored by the PCH Theatre Dept. or by the district. Note date; ie: Picnic-’03)
(List all conferences hosted by the Missouri or National Thespians, including offices held. Note date; ie: state ‘02)
(List all Individual Events competed in. Note GSL, NFL, Districts or State. Note date performed; ie: Duet Act-
(List all scripts written for stage, radio or TV . Note if it is a 1-act, or full length and date written)
(List all community theatre productions and your involvement. Give date; ie: Annie - YMCA - Daddy Warbucks, ‘04)
4. Briefly explain what theatre means to you, and WHY joining this HONOR SOCIETY is so important to you. (THIS WILL BE PRINTED IN THE BANQUET PROGRAM)__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Would you be able to attend the following ceremonies? APRIL 10, 2008
If NO, why?__________________________________________________ MAY 9, 2008
If NO, why?__________________________________________________ 6. Please enclose a check for $25.00 which includes one full one-year membership to Dramatics Magazine and membership to ITS. (refundable if membership is denied) 7. Have 3 teachers fill out a recommendation for you to be considered for ITS. Forms are included. Teachers should return to me BY FEBRUARY 29, 2008 I understand that the above information will be used to determine my eligibility into the
International Thespian Society, Troupe #1876 and that the information provided is accurate.
Any applications received late will NOT be considered.
International Thespian Society
Troupe #1876
Application for Membership
Student: Give this form to three teachers in the building who know you well.
Teacher: The following student has applied for membership into the INTERNATIONAL
THESPIAN SOCIETY, an honorary theatre society which recognizes students who excel in theatre,

either on or off the stage. Please give an honest recommendation regarding this person’s character
and dedication and whether or not you would recommend them for membership.
RETURN to Nicole Voss by FEB. 29, 2008
Student’s Name __________________________ Teacher’s Name ________________________________
When given a project, an assignment or involved in an event or specific activity, how would
you rate the above student? Use the following rating system and assign a number to each
average = 5
excellent = 10
Follow through
When working with others, or alone, how would you rate the students’ character?
average = 5
excellent = 10
Ethical Integrity
Team player
Would you recommend this student for membership into the INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN
SOCIETY? ( please circle one)
Yes, but with reservations = 15
absolutely = 20
COMMENTS __________________________________________________________________
_________________________________SIGNATURE _________________________________


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