The Inspectors Choice – True AC Output
With the introduction of light weight Lithium Power cells (which double output energy and which are one third the weight of conventional sealed
lead acid units), Johnson and Allen are able to offer for the first time, a co mpact portable AC electro-magnet inspection system.
Choose the electromagnet you prefer (either our tried and tested JAY or t he lighter weight JAYSON)
Combine it with our AC-Eazy Powerbelt , (made from tough high quality leather )and you have what we think is the best performing kit on the
System Features: -
True AC output giving superior “skin effect” advantages over “Pulsed DC”

Particle agitation giving defined defect indications (The JAY or JAYSONs will also easily pass the current 4.5Kg lift test)
Heavy duty steeplejack style leather tool belt with: - battery holder, control unit holder and electromagnet holder.
Belt Accessories – Aerosol holsters & spare battery case/tool case (for tools / notepads / pens etc)
Hands free travel to site enabling ladder climbing etc (as Ink, Paint, Electromagnet and power supply are all comfortably secured) the belt also
No trailin
g leads. The JAY-PAC or JASON-PAC are supplied with JAY or JAYSON electromagnet. These are fitted with coiled extendable
flex, making the operator self contained. • Extended operating time : - a 25% duty cycle gives over 4hrs (JAY) and over 6hrs (JAYSON) The figures are taken on continuous hard use,
this equates to a day or more of work with typical inspection use. • Powerful
12volt Battery Pack (only 1.25Kg!) with 5 LED condition indicator and safety cut out circuit. Protection against overcharge, over
temp, over current, deep discharge and short circuit. Flat discharge curve means power is held to the very end of its life. No memory effect (unlike Ni-Cad). Controller is fused and temperature protected for safety (IP 54). • Recharging Options: - Supplied with AC mains charger (14-20hrs), DC vehicle charger and cigar plug output connector. An optional quick
harger unit is available which enables charging (overnight) within 8hrs – giving day to day use. • Field Stre ngth (in air): - JAY 50mm pole spacing >18kA/m, 140mm spacing > 5.5 kA/m.
JAYSON 50mm pole spacing >15kA/m, 115mm spacing > 5.5 kA/m.
(In steel typically equating to 20-40 kA/m) • Belt weight – Approx 3.2 Kg
weight JASON electromagnet
(Order: - JASON-PAC)
Pictured above a JAY-PAC with 2 Aerosol Holsters as standard
Johnson and Allen Ltd, NeoCol Wks, Smithfield, Sheffield, S3 7AR.
Tel +44 (0)114 2738066 Fax +44 (0)114 2729842.
JAY-PAC Order Codes

Aerosol Holsters Battery AC Generator Electromagnet in holder
Aerosols not supplied but shown for completeness
The standard JAY-PAC pictured above can also be purchased as a “JASON-PAC” with
our lighter weight JASON Electromagnet
Individualise your JAY/JASON-PAC to your own needs.

The JAY-PAC or JASON-PAC come as standard with twin leather cases for the battery pack and AC generator , 2
aerosol holsters, as well as a holster for the Electromagnet and the Electromagnet itself.
You can add other accessories to the standard package if required.
Note:- If you have an existing 110v Electromagnet you wish to make portable, you just require the AC-Eazy
, please consult our other data sheet, the “AC-Easy Powerbelt”
Aerosols holsters and a utility case to store a spare battery or tools/marker pens/note pads etc. can be added.
There is also an option of purchasing a “quick charge” unit, if this is necessary.
AH (Order aerosols separately) BC SA
JAY-PAC and JAYSON-PAC includes:-
Order Code
110Volt JAY or JAYSON with coiled flex and 90° connector Supplied with JAY Electromagnets
2” wide leather belt holding: - 12volt Lithium Battery in leather case (Standard belt up to 44” waist) JAY-PAC (S)
AC generator with battery lead and connector in leather case (For large belt up to 41-54” waist) JAY-PAC-( L)
2 x Aerosol holsters (accepts 65mmØ cans) Supplied with JAYSON Electromagnets
(Standard belt up to 44” waist) JAYSON-PAC (S)
Standard mains charger (110v or 230v) with charger lead to fit car cigar lighter. (For large belt up to 41-54” waist) JAYSON-PAC-( L)
Order Code
Aerosol Holster accessory
Belt mountable Leather 65mm Ø Aerosol Holster for paint and ink aerosols. (accepts 65mm Ø Aerosols) AH
Spare battery case/tool case
Spare battery case/tool case BC
Case can be used to store a spare battery tools/marker pens/note pads etc. Quick Charger (110v or 230v input) 8hr full charge time
Quick Charger for 17Ah Lithium battery QC
Spare 12volt Lithium Battery Pack - for extended hard work use
(One battery will last approximately 8hrs during normal inspection use) Spare Lithium Battery BP
110 volt Socket Adaptor – This enables use of JAYs and JASONs (other than
the one supplied) which are fitted with 110 volt plugs
(Most other manufactures 110 volt electromagnets, drawing less than 4
Amps are compatible too- please confirm compatibility on an individual

Johnson and Allen Ltd, NeoCol Wks, Smithfield, Sheffield, S3 7AR.
Tel +44 (0)114 2738066 Fax +44 (0)114 2729842.



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