Comparision chart

Regular flavours • 2/3 less sugar • No fructose syrup • Very low sodiumDiet flavours • Sweetened with Sucralose + Acesulfame K • No aspartame • Very low sodium SodaStream Green Tea
Flavour Essence
SodaStream Clear
= 12 liters
o Not yet available in Canada
* Flavors marked with an asterisk contain caffeine
SodaStream Clear
Cranberry-Raspberry Clear
Kiwi-Pear Clear
Mango-Apple Clear
Passionfruit-Mango Clear
SodaStream Sparkling Goodness
Pink Grapefruit
Black Currant-Pear
SodaStream Green Tea
Green Tea Berry
Green Tea Citrus
Green Tea Pomegranate Peach
Green Tea Strawberry Kiwi
Fresca® is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company; Dr Pepper® is a registered trademark of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.
Mountain Dew® is a registered trademark of PepsiCo, Inc.; Red Bull® is a registered trademark of Red Bull GmbH Nutritional Comparisons: SodaStream® vs. National Brands
Based on an 8 oz. serving Diet flavors are sweetened with Sucralose and Acesulfame K
Regular flavors do not contain fructose syrup.
SodaStream® Cola
SodaStream Lemon-Lime
Barq's® Root Beer
A&W® Root Beer
SodaStream Root Beer
Dr. Pepper®
SodaStream Pete's Choice *
Mountain Dew®
SodaStream Fountain Mist *
SodaStream Orange
Canada Dry® Ginger Ale
SodaStream Ginger Ale
Schweppes® Tonic Water
SodaStream Tonic *
Schweppes® Club Soda
SodaStream Seltzer *
Diet Pepsi®
Diet Coke®
SodaStream Diet Cola
SodaStream Cola Bold
Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi®
Caffeine-Free Diet Coke®
SodaStream Caffeine-Free Diet Cola
Diet 7-UP®
Diet Sprite®
SodaStream Diet Lemon-Lime
Diet A&W® Root Beer
SodaStream Diet Root Beer
Diet Dr. Pepper®
SodaStream Diet Pete's Choice *
Diet Mountain Dew®
SodaStream Diet Fountain Mist *
SodaStream Diet Pink Grapefruit
Diet Barq's French Vanilla Cream Soda®
SodaStream Diet Cream Soda *
Diet Sunkist®
SodaStream Diet Orange Soda
Diet Schweppe's® Tonic
SodaStream Diet Tonic *
Diet Canada Dry® Ginger Ale
SodaStream Diet Ginger Ale *
Other Soda-Club Flavors
SodaStream Orange Grapefruit Sport
SodaStream Pink Grapefruit
SodaStream Cream Soda *
SodaStream Cherry Cola *
SodaStream Grape *
SodaStream Orange Mango
SodaStream Lemonade *
SodaStream Diet Lemonade *
SodaStream Lemon Iced Tea
SodaStream Peach Iced Tea
SodaStream Diet Lemon Iced Tea *
SodaStream Diet Peach Iced Tea *
SodaStream Cranberry-Raspberry
SodaStream Diet Cranberry-Raspberry *
MyWater Flavor Essences
MyWater Lemon-Lime
MyWater Berry
MyWater Orange
* Not yet available in Canada


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