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OzmepTM Enteric-coated Tablets
contain the active ingredient omeprazole
Reflux Oesophagitis
by the stomach producing too much acid. Depending INFORMATION
What is in this
duodenal ulcer. A gastric ulcer occurs in the stomach Peptic Ulcers associated
with Helicobacter pylori
It does not take the place of talking to your doctor or Zollinger-Ellison
How Ozmep works
If you have any concerns
about taking this
medicine, talk to your
Peptic Ulcers associated
doctor or pharmacist.
with Non-steroidal Anti-
inflammatory Drugs
Keep this leaflet with
your medicine.
What Ozmep is
Ask your doctor if you
have any questions about
Peptic Ulcers
why Ozmep has been
prescribed for you.
Before you take
Tell your doctor if you
are breastfeeding or wish
to breastfeed.
When you must not take it
Do not take Ozmep if you
are allergic to medicines
containing omeprazole or
any of the ingredients
listed at the end of this
Tell your doctor if you
have, or have had, any
medical conditions.
If you have not told your
doctor about any of the
above, tell them before
you start taking Ozmep.
If you are not sure
whether you are taking
Taking other medicines
any of these medicines,
check with your doctor

Do not take Ozmep if the
Tell your doctor if you
or pharmacist.
expiry date (Exp.)
are taking any other
printed on the pack has
medicines, including any
that you buy without a
prescription from a

Do not take Ozmep if the
pharmacy, supermarket
packaging shows signs of
or health food shop.
tampering or the tablets
do not look quite right.
Some medicines may be affected by Ozmep, or may How to take
Before you start to take it
Tell your doctor if you
are allergic to any other

Follow all directions
medicines, foods, dyes or
given to you by your
doctor and pharmacist
epilepsy or fits • Warfarin (Coumadin®, carefully.
Tell your doctor if you
are pregnant or plan to
become pregnant.

How much to take
If you forget to take
If it is almost time for
your next dose, skip the
dose you missed and take
your next dose when you
If you take too much
are meant to.
Ozmep (overdose)
Otherwise, take the
Immediately telephone
Children 1 year or older:
missed dose as soon as
your doctor, or the
you remember, and then
Poisons Information
go back to taking your
Centre (telephone 13 11
tablets as you would
26) if you think you or
anyone else may have
taken too much Ozmep.
Do not take a double dose
Do this even if there are
to make up for the dose
no signs of discomfort or
you missed.
If you are not sure what
to do, ask your doctor or
Ask your doctor or
pharmacist if you are not
sure how to take Ozmep.
How long to take Ozmep
How to take Ozmep
Keep taking Ozmep for
While you are
Swallow the tablets whole
as long as your doctor
with a glass of water.
taking Ozmep
Things you must do
Before starting any new
medicine, tell your doctor
When to take Ozmep
or pharmacist that you
are taking Ozmep.
Tell all the doctors,
dentists and pharmacists
Take Ozmep tablets at
who are treating you that
about the same time each
you are taking Ozmep.
If you become pregnant
Tell your doctor if your
while taking Ozmep, tell
symptoms return.
your doctor.

Visit your doctor
any questions you may
regularly so they can
check on your progress.
Tell your doctor if you
Things you must not do
notice any of the
following and they worry
Do not use Ozmep to
treat any other
conditions unless your
doctor tells you to.
Do not give Ozmep to
anyone else, even if they
have the same condition
Side effects
Tell your doctor if you
notice anything that is
Tell your doctor or
making you feel unwell.
pharmacist as soon as
possible if you do not feel

Tell your doctor as soon
well while you are taking
as possible if you notice
any of the following:
Other problems are more
likely to arise from the
ulcer itself rather than
the treatment.
Tell your doctor
Do not be alarmed by
immediately or go to
this list of possible side
Accident and Emergency
at the nearest hospital if
After taking
you notice any of the
Ask your doctor or
pharmacist to answer
Keep Ozmep where
children cannot reach it.
Keep your tablets in the
blister pack until it is
time to take them.
If you take the tablets out of the blister pack, they Keep your tablets in a
cool dry place where the
temperature stays below
Do not store Ozmep or
any other medicine in the
bathroom or near a sink.
Do not leave Ozmep in
the car or on window sills.
If your doctor tells you to
stop taking Ozmep, or

your tablets have passed
their expiry date, ask

your pharmacist what to
do with any that are left

What it looks like
Ozmep tablets are brown capsule-shaped tablets. Australian registration number: AUST R 149348


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