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Liver Fluke or Fasciolosis
Winter issue 2012
worm cal ed “Fasciola hepatica”. milk-, weight-, and fertility- decline. which the mud snail is essential and choice for your cattle. Annual Burrenvets
Spanish Point
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Flukicidal Products:
Only oral Triclabendazole products can be used at housing as these target early immature, older
immature and adult flukes. W hen dosing at housing with “older immature and adult flukicide”: after 6 weeks check dung samples and/or retreat OR delay administration of this flukicide to 6-8 weeks after housing. W hen dosing with only adult flukicide: delay and after 2 months check dung samples and/or retreat. Dry Cow Therapy:
Prevention of Pneumonia in Weanlings
choose well and do well
Weanling pneumonia is caused by different viruses; Bovine Dry cow therapy (DCT) is the best chance of curing a Herpesvirus1 (IBR), Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV), persistent mastitis infection (often Staph Aureus) and Parainfluenza virus (PI3) and bacteria; Pasteurella, can reduce new infections during dry period. Mannheimia, Mycoplasma, Histophilus. But pneumonia is a Unfortunately when done incorrectly it could caus classic multi-factorial disease; only a combination of infectious agents with inappropriate husbandry and management causes outbreaks. Therefor prevention Choose well: al the cows should be treated: blanket treatment. Selective treatment is only an option when  Lungworm control min 2 weeks prior to weaning. al the cows SCC are individual y monitored (milk Lungworm infection results in damaged lungs which are recording and mastitis records) and herd average more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. <200000. The choice of antibiotic depends on the  Optimalise environment conditions: ideal y wean bacteria prevalent on the farm. Take, if not done previous, milksamples of cows with high SCC at  Weaning has shown to be stressful for more than 7 days, minimum 3 weeks before drying off and we can sent affecting adversely the immune system. Delay these to the lab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity additional stressors; dehorning, castration, diet change, tests. Teat sealers can be used together with antibiotic housing, re-grouping for 2-4 weeks post weaning. DCT or alone in confirmed uninfected cows.  Introduce concentrates at least a month prior to Do well: dry off abruptly, milk out as usual, wear clean weaning, increase gradual y and intent calves to eat 1 gloves, disinfect teat ends, insert the nozzle partial y in kg/day at weaning, continue after weaning. the teat end, insert the content of the DCT and  Take up to 1/3 of cows, from the group, don’t move the massage it up the teat into the udder and teat dip, calves. Repeat at interval of min 5 days. mark cow and record treatment: product, date, id cow  Do not sell until at least 2 weeks after weaning and milk withdrawal period. Don’t al ow cows to lie for 2  Eradication of BVD improves calf’s immune system. hours, than put cows in dry, clean paddock or cubicles.  Start vaccination against pneumonia at least 6 weeks Winter 2012 ● Volume 1, Issue 4 ● Burrenvets ● (065) 7084019

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Article 223: Asava Massage - part 8 For years, medical science felt they were finally winning the battle against the tiny disease-causing microbes which had ravaged mankind for centuries, …as a result, they announced control of many diseases, yet many of these “controlled” diseases, such as polio, dengue and yellow fever, and smallpox are making a come back, tuberculosis has grown resist

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