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Curiculum vitae

Curiculum Vitae
Dept. of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Room : L-459 Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam Summer internship at the Faculty of Mathematics, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków, Poland Propedeuse (B.Sc.) Medical Biology/Medicine, Utrecht University. 9-certified researcher Experimental Zoology (M.Sc.) Medical Biology/Medicine, Utrecht (cum laude = highest distinction possible at Utrecht University) 'Action and Function of Receptor Protein Tyrosine Kinases -the role of arachidonic acid metabolites and tyrosine phosphatases'. Utrecht Universitity Research experience : January 1988 - December 1988 : Undergraduate research project “Electrophysiology of lateral septum glutaminergic neurons” with Dr Ivan J.A. Urban and Prof Dr Willem-Hendrik Gispen, Rudolf Magnus Institute for pharmacology, Utrecht University. Undergraduate research project “Ultrastructure of the corpus cardiacum in ageing locusts” with Dr Jacques H.B. Diederen, Experimental Zoology, Utrecht University. Ph.D. student with Prof Dr Siegfried W. de Laat, Hubrecht Laboratory, Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology. (funded by the foundation for the biophysics). Supervision : Undergraduate Students: Marieke van den Brand M.Sc, MD; Arjan van der Flier, Ph.D; Frits Kelling, Ph.D.; Sander Verheule, Ph.D. Postdoctoral associate with Prof Dr Johannes L. Bos, Physiological Chemistry, Utrecht Universitity. A minor part of the work was executed in the laboratory Dr Allan Hall at the University College of London. Ph.D. Student : Laura M’Rabeth, Ph.D. (1/11/1994-1/11/1995) Postdoctoral associate with Dr Anne Ridley, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London. Ph.D. Student : Wouter van Inzen, Ph.D. (1/11/1995-1/4/1997; thesis defense 4/9/1997) Senior Researcher with Prof Dr Walter Fiers, Flemish Institute for Biotechnology in Ghent, Belgium (from 1/11/1997 a pro forma position). Supervision : Ph.D. Student: Gwenda Pynaert Ph.D. (1/2/1999-1/11/2003; thesis defense 19/10/2003) Research leader. Laboratory for Experimental Inwendige Medicine, Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam Supervision : Undergraduate Students: Joyce Bilderbeek, M.Sc.; Hanneke Bresser, M.Sc.; Danielle vd Boogaardt,Ph.D.; Remco Diab, M.Sc.; Maaike Evertzen, M.Sc.; Jeroen Morsink, M.Sc.; Marije van Santen, M.Sc.; Berber Schepman, M.Sc.; Sjoukje Slofstra, Ph.D.; Sanne Thio MD; Danielle Veenma, M.Sc.; Kimberley Walburg M.Sc.; Barbara de Weijer, M.Sc. Technicians: Regina de Beer, B.Sc. (1/9/2003-1/3/2004); Inge Hoedemaeker, B.Sc. (1/11/1999-1/2/2001, Linda Rens, B.Sc. (1/9/2000-1/9/2002), Auke Verhaar, B.Sc (1/2/2004-1/6/2004). Predoctoral Research Associate: Gwenda Pynaert, PhD. (1/2/1998-1/2/1999). Ph.D. Students: Jantine van Baal, Ph.D. (1/3/2002-1/6/2006; thesis defence 15/12/2006); Sylvia Bleuming, MD, Ph.D. (1/6/2002-1/6/2007; thesis defence 15/6/2007); Bernt vd Blink, MD, Ph.D. (1/2/1999-1/11/2002 thesis defence: 11/9/2002); Maarten Bijlsma, Ph.D. (1/4/2003-1/4/2007; thesis defence 19/9/2008); Carina Bos, Ph.D. (1/10/2001-1/5/2005; thesis defence 15/9/2006); Henri Braat (1/1/2000-31/1/2004; thesis defence 31/5/2006); Jan vd Brande, MD (1/10/2000-1/10/2004; thesis defence 4/5/2007); Gijs vd Brink, MD, Ph.D. (1/9/1998-1/9/2002; thesis defence 11/12/2002); Sander Diks, Ph.D. 1/9/1999-1/7/2004; thesis defence 20/12/2006 [Groningen]); James Hardwick, MD, Ph.D. (1/3/1999-1/10/2002; thesis defence 25/11/2002); Ludmilla Kodach, MD, Ph.D. (1/5/2003-1/5/2007; thesis defence 14/12/2007), Klaartje Kok, MD (1/5/2003-present), Mark Lowenberg, MD, Ph.D. (1/4/2003-1/9/2006; thesis defence 22/9/2006); Agniewska Lukuc, Ph.D (1/5/2003-1/5/2007; thesis defence 18/1/2008); Francesca Milano, Ph.D. (1/4/2003-1/4/2007; thesis defence 9/10/2007); Tom O’Toole, M.Sc. (1/8/2000-present); Jurriaan Tuynman MD (1/9/2002-1/9/2005; thesis defense 5/7/2010); Henri Versteeg, Ph.D. (1/7/1998-1/1/2003; thesis defence 13/5/2003) Post Doc: Sheila Krishnadath, Ph.D. (1/11/2001-present); Henri Versteeg, Ph.D. (1/5/2003-1/5/2004). Visiting Scientists: Isabel Ballister, M.Sc. (1/9/2002- 1/1/2003) , Christiaan Bauer, M.Sc. (1/8/2002-1/1/2003), Stephanie Bezzina, M.Sc. (1/9/2002-1/9/2003), Alexandre Cavagis, M.Sc. (1/12/2003-1/3/2004); Prof dr Carmen Fereira (1/5/2003-1/5/2004), Sylvia Knapp, MD (9/1/2001-9/1/2002), Mika Lumbantobing, MD 1/7/2000-1/1/2001); Ciuping Xu, MD (1/9/2000-1/9/2001) Guest. Department of Gastroenterology, Mayo Clinics, Rochester. Principal Investigator, Delta mission, Baikanur, Kazakhstan Professor and Chairman: Immunology, Department of Cell Biology, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen. Scientific staff :Prof dr Frans Kroese; Prof dr Nico Bos; dr Jan Rozing; dr Jan-Luuk Hillebrands; dr Davina Opstelten Direct supervision: Post Doc: Maarten Bijlsma (1/4/2007-present); Sander Diks, Ph.D. (1/7/2004-present); Gwenny Fuhler, Ph.D. (1/7/2006-present); Elise vd Logt, Ph.D. (1/3/2006-present); Victor Puerta, Ph.D. (1/10/2004-1/9/2005); Arjen Strijkstra, Ph.D. (1/3/2007-present) Ph.D. Students: Keren Borensztajn MD (1/8/2005-1/8/2007; thesis defence 1/4/2008); Alexandre Cavagis ( thesis defence 11/10/2006); Monireh Dashti MD (1/2/2008-present); Kaushal Parikh, Ph.D. (1/2/2005-1/5/2010; thesis defense 26/4/2010); Klaartje Kok, MD, Ph.D (1/5/2003-1/5/2007; thesis defense 9/9//2009), Gosia Miller, M.Sc. (1/11/2005-present), Maria Sartori da Silva, M.Sc (1/7/2007-present); Roberta Ruela de Sousa (1/2/2008-present); Karla de Souza, M.Sc. (1/5/2006-present); Saravanan Yuvaraj, M.Sc. (1/7/2004-1/5/2007; thesis defense 5/4/2007); Lu Zhou, MD (1/9/2006-present) Technicians: Tjasso Blokzijl (1/5/2007-present), Lisette Bok (1/9/2005-1/5/2007), Lisa Glazenburg (1/1/2006 – present) Visiting Scientists: Luciana de Campos Leite, PhD. (1/11/2007-1/2/2008); Mònica Comalada, Ph.D. (1/11/2005-1/6/2006); Antonio Chaves Neto, M.Sc. (1/11/2006-1/2/2007); Ângelo de Fátima, Ph.D. (1/7/2008-1/10/2008); Carmen Ferreira, Ph.D. (1/11/2006-1/2/2007); William Kerr, Ph.D. (1/7/2005-1/9/2006; 1/5/2007-1/6/2007); Anna Knappinska, M.Sc. (1/6/2005-1/9/2005); Roberta Ruela de Sousa (1/11/2006-1/2/2007); Joe Wahle, Ph.D. (1/11/2006-1/12/2006); Willian Zambuzzi, Ph.D. (1/12/2006- 1/3/2007); Giselle Zenker Justo, Ph.D. (1/11/2006-1/2/2007; 1/7/2008-1/10/2008); Undergraduate Students: Rosa Nederhof, M.Sc. (1/9/2007-1/6/2008); Marijke vd Seide, M.Sc. (1/9/2005-1/6/2006) Principal investigator, Maser 10 mission, Kiruna, Sweden. Ad-interim head of the Zivkovic-lab at the Hubrecht Laboratory, Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology. Ph.D. Student: Jin-Ming Tee, Ph.D. (thesis defense 15/4/2010). Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam. Kwekkeboom, Ph.D., Luc van der Laan, Ph.D., Ron Smits, Ph.D., Hanneke van Vuuren, Ph.D., Andea Woltman, Ph.D. Direct supervision: Post Doc: Maria Alves, Ph.D. (1/9/2010-present); Gwenny Fuhler Ph.D. (1/1/2010-present); Ph.D. Student: Ayala Leshed , M.Sc. (1/7/2010-present); Renate Massl, M.D. (1/5/2010-present); Rajesh Somasundaram, M.Sc. (1/7/2010-present). External Funds acquired (direct funding only): 1993: Research school for Developmental Biology, Utrecht University: “Arachidonic acid metabolites and small GTP-binding proteins”. Fellowship (2 years). Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds: Fellowship (2 years) Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds: “Action of Cytokines in the signal transduction of the Rho protein family of small GTPases” [UVA 1998-1855] (3 Ph.D. students) Meelmeijer: “Genomics and Gene Transfer”. (1 Ph.D. NWO MW: “Tissue Factor-dependent signalling” Nederlandse Hart Stichting: “Tissue Factor-dependent signalling” [99.188]. (4 years, 1 technician) ESA project : “Influence of microgravity on the activation of NF-kB” [AO-LS-99-SR-010]. (Maser 10). Marie Curie Trainingsite: “Molecular mechanisms of cytokine-related disease” [MCFH-1999-00487] (€ 180 000) Centocor : “Infliximab-induced apoptosis” ($ 75 000) Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S : “TNF-neutralising activity in autovac-immunised monkeys” (Fl 30 000) NWO MW : “Anti oncogenic action of NSAIDs: Mechanism of action” [901-01-228] (1Ph.D. student) Maag Lever Darm Stichting: “Autoantigenen in ideopathische achalasie” [co-applicant] (Fl 16 000) Centocor: “TNF-induced pro-coagulant activity” [yeshiva.agr] ($ 50 000) Broad Medical Research Program: “Treatment of Crohn’s disease by Lactococcis Lactis secreting human IL-10” [IBD-0008] ($ 100 000) Tramedico: “effect van 5-ASA op de Wnt-pathway” (€ 5 000) Core Fund: “effect of celecoxib on the Wnt-pathway” (1 Physician-researcher) AMC Beleidsaioronde 2002 “Morphogenesis of the colon” [6] (1 Ph.D. student) Interuniversity Attraction Poles (Belgische overheid) : “Molecular and cellular aspects of inflammation and cell death” [P5/12] (€ 23 000) NWO STW: “Identification of the molecular signals mediating differentiation of bone marrow cells into myocardium: the role of morphogenes and signal transduction" [APG5937] (2 Ph.D. students ) Active Motif Europe: “Phosphospecific Antibody and Cell-based Elisa” (€ 10 000) NWO ALW: “Influence of microgravity on the activation of NF-B” (2 years 0.5 ftu technician) Cytokine Pharmascience: “Molecular mechanism of CNI-1493 in auto-immune disease” ($ 300 000) Meelmeijer: “Early detection of colorectal cancer using SELDITOF” for James Hardwick (€ 210 000) NWO ALW: “Influence of microgravity on the activation of NF-B” Additional funding for reagents. (€ 144 000) Maag Lever Darm Stichting: “Usefulness of Lactococcus Lactis genetically engineered to produce Hedgehog for the treatment and prevention of colorectal cancer.” (€ 117 403) Stichting Technische Wetenschappen “Ontwikkeling dubbel-targetting systeem voor darmwegaandoeningen met behulp van food-grade bacteriën”. (€ 25 000) systeem voor darmwegaandoeningen met behulp van food-grade bacteriën” ( € 8 000) NWO ALW: “Influence of microgravity on the activation of NF-B” Additional funding for travel. (€ 9 000) Ubbo Emmius: “The Bacterial Exoproteome as a Stimulus for Human Host Cell Responses”(1 Ph.D. student) Eric Bleuminkfund: “Mechanism and usefulness of violacein for combating leukaemic disease” (1/2 Ph. D. NWO bezoekersbeurs “K. Borensztajn” [B93-482] (€ 12 340) NIDDK: “The Hematopoietic Kinome” [R21 DK71872-01] ($ 35 802) Innovatiefonds: “Kan de risico stratificatie van patiënten met acute myeloide leukemie worden verbeterd door meting van het fosfo-eiwit profile.” [AZG 250705] (€ 25 000) early detection device for lead compound off-target actions” for Sander Diks [018.001.019] (€ 159 500) Nederland [13F02(2).60] “Analyse van het kinoom van astrocyten bij multiple sclerose met in het bijzonder de rol van beat2 receptor stimulatie op de expressie van MHC klasse II” [13F05(2).60] (€25 000) Stichting Haemofilia “RNA-based gene therapy for IAG “Ontwikkeling van nieuwe stabiele specifieke geneesmiddelen” [IAG-B09] (€ 471 500) TI Pharma “Identification of novel kinases involved in cancer-relevant processes” [T3-3] (€ 1 639 997) NWO ALW “Asb-11 as a regulator of central nervous system size” [817.02.002] (1 PhD student) NIDDK: “Defining the Multiple Myeloma Kinome” [482446] ($ 153 232) TI Pharma: “Neuromodulation of innate immune responses” (co-applicant) [T1-215] (€ 963 600) Schering-Plough: “neutralising antibodies to WES Foundation “Defining the MDS Kinome” ($ 75 000) formation by targeting coagulation-dependent Protease Activated Receptor activation” (€ 260 000). Stichting Michelle: “Kinome profiling to identify novel targets in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex treatment”/ (€ 20 000) NWO ALW: “Influence of microgravity on the activation of NF-B” Additional funding for travel. (€ 25 000) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University: Student-assistent at the practical “Anatomy of the nervous system” Faculteit Medical Biology, Utrecht University: Faculteit Medical Biology, Utrecht University: Faculteiten Medical Biology and Medicine, Utrecht University: Practical “Laboratory practice” Faculteit Biologie, Utrecht University: 3 Caput Faculty of Medicine, Utrecht University: Course “food and sportphysiology”. PACE course, a 3 day practical training in Elisas with phospecific antibodies for the pharmaceutical industry (10 participants). Researchers (VAO)) of the course “Biology Beter”, a course Molecular Biology and cell biology for physician-researchers containing 24 double-lectures and 3 practicals. (35 participants) Onderzoeksschool Oncologie Amsterdam: Lecture Post doctoral course Gastroenterology: Lecture Faculty of Medicine, University of Amsterdam: Coordination/lecturer with block 21 (Scientific education). Organisation (together with the Society for Physician-Researchers (VAO)) of the course “Biology Beter”, a course Molecular Biology and cell biology for physician-researchers containing 24 double-lectures and 3 practicals. (12 participants). Ph.D. education AMC-UvA: Lecturer and member of the committee education module 2. Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam: Initiator and coordinator of the Master “Oncology”. UvA representative at the National Meetiing Biomedical bachelor/master-education. Coordination/lecturer with block 21 (Scientific education). Ph.D. education AMC-UvA: Lecturer and member of the committee education module 2. Faculty of Science. University of Amsterdam: Coordinator Medical Biology Academisch Medical Center: President Committee Faculty of Sciences. University of Amsterdam: Member governing board Medical Biology. Faculty of Sciences. University of Amsterdam: Introduction in Scientific research for Medical Biological students. Course “Biology Beter”, a course Molecular Biology and cell biology for physician-researchers containing 24 double-lectures (20 participants) Coordination/lecturer with block 21 (Scientific education). UvA : Masterclass : “Medical Biology”for scondary Organiser and lecturer : “Oncology for Master students in Oncology”. Lecturer/supervision with the course Medical Cell Biology 4th GUIDE course on “Membranes, Signaling and Lecturer/supervision with the course Medical Cell Biology Faculty of Sciences. Groningen University : Lecturer/supervision with the course Medical Cell Biology Chivo & Fellow Gastrointestinal Surgery Workshop. Lecturer Faculty of Medicine: Tutor/lecturer course 1.2. Scientific methodology Medicine: Junior Scientific Masterclass. pathogenese van IBD”. Organiser 5th GUIDE course on “Membranes, Signaling and Faculty of Medicine: Tutor/lecturer course 1.2. Scientific methodology Medicine: Junior Scientific Masterclass. pathogenese van IBD”. Organiser Faculty of Sciences. Groningen University : Lecturer/supervision with the course Medical Cell Biology Faculty of Medicine: Tutor/lecturer course 1.2. Faculty of Sciences. Groningen University : Lecturer/supervision with the course Medical Cell Biology pathogenese van IBD”. Organiser Medicine: Junior Scientific Masterclass. Lecturer/supervision with the course Immunology Electrophysiology circle. EUR Rotterdam. Host: Dr. J. Bijman. “Ion channels activated by EGF”. Trigon seminar, Nijmegen. Title “Ion channels Karolinska Instituut, Stockholm, Sweden. Host: Dr R. Toftgard, Title: “EGF-induced actin reorganisation” 15th EKN Symposium, Amsterdam. Title: “Receptor Tyrosine Phosphatases and Neuronal Differentiation” Walter Luyten. Title: “Receptor Tyrosine Phosphatases and Neuronal Differentiation” University College of London, Host: Dr A. Hall, Title: “Effect of arachidonic acid metabolites on cytoskeletal structure” Rijks University Gent, Belgium, Host: Dr W. Fiers. FEBS Special Meeting on the Mechanisms of Cell Signalling, Amsterdam. Dagvoorzitter en spreker “Actin organisation in macrophages”. NVTH symposium, Houthalen, Belgium: “Cyclooxygenase Metabolites in pathophysiology” Novo Nordisk, Arhus, Denmark, Host: Dr L. Petersen, “Ja dokter, Nee doctor? De arts als wetenschapper onderzocht” symposium of the “de Vereniging voor Arts-Onderzoekers (VAO)”. Panel member. Signal Transduction Society Millenium Meeting, Berlin. Chairman and speaker “Cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions” Keystone Conference on Eicosanoids. Snowbird, Utah. Chairman and speaker “5-Lipoxygenase and Signal Transduction” Serono, Geneve, Switserland. Host : Dr Y. Chvatko. “Signal transduction in vivo” Signal Transduction Sympsosium European Parliament, Luxemburg. “Role WASP and Cdc42 in TNF-mediated inhibtion of filopodia” 1st International Symposium on Signal Transduction Modulators in Cancer Therapy, VU, Amsterdam. “Direct inhibition of the APC/-Catenin pathway by NSAIDs” First Broad Medical Research Programme Investigator Meeting. Los Angeles. “Treatment of steroid-refractory Crohn’s disease with genetically engineered Lactococcus Lactis.” 10th NAT meeting on Stem cells and Transplantation,Nantes. “Indian Hedgehog controls stem cell differentiation into absorbtive enterocyte lineage” Second Broad Medical Research Programme Investigator Meeting. Los Angeles. “Treatment of steroid-refractory Crohn’s disease with genetically engineered Lactococcus Lactis.” Symposium on Mucosal Immunology. Erasmus University. Rotterdam. “Treatment of steroid-refractory Crohn’s disease with genetically engineered Lactococcus Lactis.” Novimmune, Geneve, Zwitserland Host : Mkosco-Vilbois. Novel therapeutical strategies in Crohn’s disease. International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis XXth congress. Sydney. “Cell biology of tissue factor, an unusual cytokine receptor.” National Cancer Institute meeting on normal and cancer stem cells. Colarado. “Colonic stem cells”. Inflammatory Bowel disease: Research drives Clinics. Münster. “A role for inhibition of MAP kinases in therapy?” AstraZeneca IBD workshop: Mölndal, Sweden. “Regulatation and therapeutic modulation of the MAPK pathway in inflammatory bowel disease”. Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil. Medical UNAM, Mexico. “Kinome profiling for studying signal transduction” profiling for studying signal transduction” EMBO, Rome, Italy. “Vitamin D as a Smo antagonist” University of Geneva. Switzerland. “Asb-11 as a regulator of neuronal compartment size” Bart’s, London. “Kinome profiling for studying signal Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil. “Mechanismo da ação antineoplásica de substâncias bioativas e alvos molculares estratégicos para a indução de morte de células tumorais” Falk symposium, Sevilla, Spain “Mezalazine and Wnt signalling” Institutet, Stockholm “Repressing the Keystone Conference on Signaling Pathways in Cancer and Development: Steamboat springs, USA. “ASB-11 as a novel regulator of canonical Notch signalling” Belgian Society for analytical cytometry, Liege “the kinome” Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, USAAsb-11 as a novel regulator of Canonical Notch signalling” Lund University, Mälmo, Sweden. Faculty Opponent. peptide arrays for dissecting action and function of phosphatases” Groningen, farewell Symposium. “Rac and innate immunity”. Oporto Cancer Meeting, Oporto, Portugal. “Asb as a regulator of compartment size” UNIFESP, Brazil . Lecture : “Rac and innate immunity”. Workshops “Crohn’s disease” & “Kinome profiling” Scientific/Supervisory boarda: 2005-2009: Menbership professional organisations: 1989: Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine: 2008 Meetings organised: (Maastricht, Barrett’s) 2010: UMCG : “Principles of Innate Immunity Signal Transduction”  2002: European patent No: 02075690.4: “Hedgehog-related prophylaxis, therapy and diagnosis of GI tract carcinogenesis”  European patent No: WO2004048408: “Asb transcription repressor proteins and nucleic acids and their application in expansion of stem cells”  US provisional application No 60/159,633: Guanylhydydrazones in methods of treatment or diagnosis as modulators of signal transduction  Brazilian patent No: 19 – 3788-5015 “Processo de Potencialização da Ação de  Brazilian patent No: 21.11.05 Protocolo nº 018050053876 “Novo uso médico, composições farmacêuticas e método de reversão da resistência a quimioterápicos utilizando inibidores de proteínas fosfatases”.  European patent No: 100-088-78 5937 “A pharmaceutical composition suitable for the treatment of cancer and method of preparing said pharmaceutical composition” Other Experience : During my studies I was student member of the “Evaluatiecommissie Experimentele studierichting Medische Biologie”. In addition I performed numerous functions in the Utrecht student community, including within the ‘Jonge Democraten’ (a youth political union where I served for 4 years as secretary of the board of ‘Regio Utrecht/’t Gooi”), within ‘Unitas S.R.’ (a student union in which I was for three years chairman of the ‘Utrechtse Studenten Bridge Club’) and ‘Triton’ S.R. (a student rowing club). Furthermore I was involved with the publishing of songbook for Biological and Medical Biological students, an effort for which the Biology Students Union ‘BIA’ bestowed me with the status of “lid van buitengewone verdienste”. During my Ph.D. research I was member of the ‘Dienstcommissie’ of the Hubrecht Laboratory. Currently I head the Academic Lunch Debatingsociety in Groningen. I am listed in TWIST index 2007 of artists and designers in Groningen. I was the representative for UMCG in the 9/3/2008 until 20/3/2008 visit of the University of Groningen to Latin America (a delegation which included the rector and the deans of the other faculties). I negotiated agreements of the University of Groningen with UNAM (Mexico); UNIFESP (São Paulo, Brazil); UNICAMP (Campinas) and the granting organisation FAPESP (Brazil). Languages : Maikel Peppelenbosch speaks 9 languages (Dutch (Mother tongue); English (lived for 2 years in England); German (lived for three years in Basel); Portuguese (published in Portuguese; gave interviews and presentations in Portuguese); Spanish (gave classes in Spanish); French; Polish (did an internship in Poland and visited the country to keep up the language); Catalan; and some Russian (stayed for prolonged time in Baikanur, Kazachstan)). 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