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I love it when you go to the dr. and you know full well there is nothing they can do for you but you go anyway and thenyou feel like an idiot because you were right originally and there was nothing they could do for you and they have thislook on their face which either means you really wasted their time THANK YOU or that you are really stupid. Or maybe Ijust had a mean lady dr. today. I only went because I’ve been coughing for over a week, I have allergies that are so badthat if they were a super power I could kill you with them and then this morning my nostrils started to hurt to breathethrough and my mom is coming to visit this weekend so I thought fuck it I have to go to the dr. WHAT IF I HAVE ASINUS INFECTION. I don’t. I just have really bad ADULT allergies. Adam and I gave it some serious thought anddiscovered it is THIS TIME OF YEAR EXACTLY that I suffer the very most. I swear it feels like someone is blowing aballoon up in my head and they just won’t stop like it is my birthday forever but it sucks more than getting older. Basically all I got out of my visit was told to take more Flonase until I’m over this bad attack and to take Tylenol for mycough. Nothing I take for my headaches helps the balloon affect. I don’t think I even have to get into how much thatsucks.
I tried to get my mom to change her ticket because I feel like a write off but it is too expensive so hopefully it will rain orsomething, because golf is out anyway with it being the long weekend, it’ll be busy as death and I don’t have thepatience with the allergies to play a pitch and putt course and have it take four plus hours. I’ll probably just rent lots ofmovies and we can go to the mall where the pollen can’t get me. When she comes down I want to have things to doand I always worry about that because we don’t have a car but add allergies in and I’m feeling a little stressed. Plus Iam very picky about the state of the apartment I am NOT the type of person you just drop by on, if it is not clean to mystandards I really do not like having people in here AT ALL and it won’t be ‘clean’ because I’ve been putting off cleaningbecause I’ve been feeling so shitty and now I can’t be breathing in stupid cleaning products when my nose alreadyhurts. SEE how whiney I am, I have apologized to my mom in advance. Granted I may feel slightly better if it rains byFriday and/or the taking the Flonase twice a day helps. Posted by Gus Greeper in CONFESSIONS & STUFF, Depression & Therapy, For Serious at 19:20 you could rent a zip car. then you could go all over hell’s half acre and not even go outside, except to get in it.Comment (1) Anonymous on May 16 2007, 20:54 do they sell Adult allergy medication in a brown paper bag?do you have to go through the saloon doors in the back to get it?is it a suppository?Comment (1) Anonymous on May 16 2007, 21:05 I despise flonase! The stuff stinks, and what does it stink of? Flowers! why give someone who is allergic to pollens a nasal spray thatsmells like frigging chrysanthemums?! I had good luck with claritin/loratadine but in the end, giving up all cow’s milk productsand turning to soy cured all my allergies, now I only suffer when the buddleia is in bloom. Sinex helps.
Good luck with Mom visit!!! Don’t stress over it too much.Comments (3) Anonymous on May 17 2007, 05:00 K, I know this sounds nuts but the other day I saw something about a netti pot and Dr. Oz on Oprah said its JUST AS EFFECTIVE asmedicine if used daily. Basically its like a small watering pot and then you use saltwater to flush out your nose. For $15, might aswell give it a try! I don’t like flonase either it burns my nostrils. I’m ordering a netti pot today ‘cus if I sneezeon the bus anymore people are going to avoid sitting next to me like I’m some kind of lepor.
Here is what they look like: (2) Anonymous on May 17 2007, 08:01 I sympathize, allergies suck balls. I feel like scratching my own eyes out.Comment (1) Anonymous on May 17 2007, 10:39 Jacki - if you’re interested in nasal douching (aw come on - it sounds fun that way!) Dr. Hoffman - our blogging ENT friendraves about it himself. Here’s a link to his take on it - and it’s Dr. approved.
Blog Export: If Spock Is Enough,
Ok, linking didn’t work, here’s the url.
unless that too is disabled? You tricky blogger you, Corrina! *wink*Comments (3) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 02:19 NETTIE POTS rule. RULE. seriously get one and use a saline spray in between. it helps more than any other thing i’ve tried.
and try some probiotics for your allergies, the source could be your intestinal flora that is out of balance-especially if you’veever taken antibiotics. why the headaches i wonder? have you ever had your jaw and neck bones x-rayed? or they might just be fromneck tension. try massage. it’s your MOM! and she’s seen you in diapers! don’t sweat sweetie! stress makesallergies worse and allergies make stress worse. so try and take care of both. you’ll be better in no time, you know.Comment(1) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 07:43 hey guys! thanks for all the ideas! im going to try them!! Comments (3) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 09:23 ha no links should work in here but yeah nothing really works i should be moving to a new template provider very very soon im veryexcited to get rid of this crap! AND YES WHY does it smell like flowers!! EWWWWWComments (3) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 09:25 re headaches: really no idea i’ve seen so many specialists since i was a kid, cat scans the works. they do run in my familythough. but mine are different they are chronic and migraines whenever they want to be. i am a pharmaceutical companies dreamwhich is pretty sad.Comments (3) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 09:31 Ha ha .nasal douching. I’m gonna call it that from now on.Comments (2) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 12:32 Oh you poor thing. The only thing that helps me in this situation is Claritin D. Maybe you can try that. OH, I also use Alavert. Thatworks okay but not as well as the Claritin. Good luck, hope you feel better before the visit!Comment (1) Anonymous on May 18 2007, 13:50 Sounds like serious time in the trenches, you take care of yourself.
CheersComment (1) Anonymous on May 20 2007, 03:01 I wish they could do more for you. I really feel your pain--it’s amazing you can bare it.Comment (1) Anonymous on May 23 2007, 12:03


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