Sets of food supplements for the development of beauty and health
Basic sets of the most active supplements + other recommended
Diseases, aesthetic and condition problems
Daily care and protection against free radicals and negative
environmental impact + supplemented with important minerals and Ultrakomplet, Vitamin E, DMAE, C Imun 2, over 40s + Hormonatur women / men
Body regeneration and regrowth of cells during
Collagen, Ultrakomplet (with ginseng), over 40s + Face Lifter
Rejuvenation and enhance complex cures
Ultrakomplet (with ginseng), GABA Youth, Face Lifter, Vitamin E, Fo-Ti,
Eyebright, Hormonatur women / men, Collagen, Body Wash (Yucca)
Slim figure (weight loss + body forming)
HCA Fatburner, CLA+Q10+vit.E, over 40s + Hormonatur women / men
Development of muscles and body forming (the most Herkules, Collagen (hydrolysed), Ultrakomplet, GABA Youth, over 40´s +
important amino acid + phytohormones for muscle growth, + GABA for inducing of production of HGH (Human growth Hormone) Skin (elastic and smooth skin, against wrinkles)
Collagen, DMAE, Stabilhair (B vitamins), Face Lifter
Permanet breast enlargement
Beast extra+ or Breast extra+ Line, in combination with GABA Youth (visible
- phytohormones (effective changes after 1-9 months of use, stop taking supplement if the enhancing is very 28,1 / 30,7 natural method + GABA for inducing of production of HGH) Painless period (can relieve cramps, headache, moodiness, Hormonatur women or Breast extra+, Megakomplet, start take on 14th day of 10,7 / 23,7
Menopause - maintain optimal hormonal levels, keeping of youthful
appearence (relief – hot flashes, moodiness, exhaustion, night Hormonatur women, GABA Youth - for women
Inteligent sex – enhancing of sexual activity and intelekt - mood, Suprasex, DMAE
mental energy, creativity, mind and memory Melatonin Natur, intensive problems to fall asleep - Melatonin Insom or
- deep regenerative sleep, relief of sleep disorders and jet-lag Melatonin Antiaging (rejuvenation, support of immune system in case of oncologic
problems, rejuvenation, prevention of onkological diseases Senior´s set
Ultrakomplet, GABA Youth, Memory (ginkgo, ginseng), Hormonatur women /
– mobility, memory, cardiovascular system men, Body Wash
Detoxication – large bowel, cholesterol,.
Body Wash (Yucca, licorice), Aloe vera, - 1 month cure
The increase of vitality,
DMAE, Hormonatur women / men, Q10+vit.E+CLA, Ultrakomplet (ginkgo,
mental energy, concentration
Hair (improvement of hair quality, growth support, against hair loss)
Stabilhair, MSM+ (biosulphur), Ultrakomplet (multiminerals + multivitamins)
Canities (slowing the process of hair graying, their regeneration)
Gray Hair Fighter, Fo-Ti, Ultrakomplet (multiminerals + multivitamins)
Teeth (remineralisation, regeneration of impaired enamel) Dentoreparator 1, Dentoreparator 2
Mind and memory
Memory (ginkgo, ginseng), DMAE (activation of left brain hemisphere),
– creativity, conection of brain hemispheres Lecithin+Magnesium
Eyes (for tired and stressed eyes, aftercatarac treatment support)
Eyebright (lutein, bilberry,.), Vitamin E (tasty chewing tablets)
Flu and cold
C Imun 1, Imunoglobulin Natur (adjust usage according the body reaction)
Cardiovascular diseases - heart, veins (increase of Cardiomax Line, Antivarix, Fo-Ti, CLA+Q10+vit.E, We recommend 1-month
circulation),high blood pressure,cholesterol level, atherosclerosis detoxication cure 2 times per year with Body Wash and Enzymekomplex.
Oncologic diseases (hormonal dependent - breast, prostate, Aloe vera+, IP6-MG, I3C+, We recommned the cure with Enzymekomplex to suppress
the developing of malignant cell (clusters up to 2 mm in diameter).
Oncologic diseases (non-hormonal dependent - lung, colon Aloe vera+, IP6-MG, DMBQ+, We recommned Glucan IP6 and Aloe vera
Vein diseases (varicose veins, swelling, pains of lower Antivarix, Body Wash, C Imun 2, CLA+Q10+vit.E, by swellings and trombus
Enzyme komplex, Lecithin+Magnesium and Vitamin E Joints (stiffeness of joints, joint pains and swellings)
Mobil Plus, Collagen, by swellings and for detoxication – Body Wash
Body Wash (Yucca), Mobil Plus, Aloe vera, we recommend one-month cure with
Gout (resricted mobility and joint pains caused by storage of uric acid Fo-Ti, C Imun 2 (during attack take 500 mg of vitamin C every 3 hours), Body
Wash, Enzýmkomplex (during attack), 2-3 teaspoon of flaxseed oil daily
Hormonatur women (contains phytohormones), Megakomplet
Prostata (relief of enlarged prostate symptoms)
Hormonatur men, Ultrakomplet (ginkgo, ginseng, multivitamins, multimineral)
Digestion stimulation (digestion disorders)
Enzymekomplex, Aloe vera
Stomach problems (Helicobacte pylori)
Aloe vera, Vitamin E
Fo-Ti, Vitamin E, Lecithin+Magnesium, flaxseed and olive oil (2-3 teaspoon daily)
Liver purification
Fo-Ti, Body Wash, tea from blessed milkthistle
Kidney purification
Fo-Ti, by calcium kidney stones and urinary bladder inflammation - C Imun 2
Fo-Ti, Body Wash, Glucan IP6
For smoker (protection of organism against smog and cigarette PABA, Ultrakomplet (multimineral and multivitamin supplement)
smoke)* Price of set includes prices of bigger package of black marked supplements.


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