Hello and welcome to our practice! It is a privilege to participate in your medical care and provide state-of-the-art treatment for you. cCare is a medical oncology and hematology practice. Medical Oncology and Hematology are sub-specialties of Internal Medicine and focus on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and blood disorders.
Our Mission
The Physicians and staff at cCare are dedicated to one goal - providing the highest quality care for
our patients. Our approach is based on our belief that patients do best when they receive
comprehensive care with medical specialists and support staff working together on their behalf. We
believe that our patients need to have access to the latest research, technologies, treatment
programs and drug therapies. We believe that support groups, psychosocial counseling and
complementary programs can improve quality of life for many patients. And we believe that to beat
cancer, we must treat more than the disease itself. We must treat the whole person by being
responsive to how cancer impacts all aspects of their lives.
Our Staff
Our staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, and certified oncology nurses is dedicated to excellent
care for our patients and their families and we are continuously evaluating ways to better meet your
needs. Our team will be there to assist you every step of the way. We all try to help eliminate the
worry, so you can concentrate on getting well.
Our registered nurse practitioners have additional training and licensing to provide medical services in
collaboration with your doctor. They perform medical evaluations, prescribe medications and provide
patient education.
Our services
Our treatment programs and research reinforce our commitment to quality patient care. Our services
 Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and additional treatments for cancer  Treatment and management of benign and malignant hematological disorders  Treatment and management of coagulation disorders  Clinical research initiatives (cCare Research Program, UCLA network and the Scripps Cancer  Laboratory testing  Genetic risk evaluation  Synergistic collaboration with surgical and radiation oncology services
Your appointment date is: ____________________ time:______________________

For your convenience we have five comprehensive clinical sites. Please choose the location you
would like us to maintain your records for continuity of care.
Escondido, CA 92025 760 737.2666 760 489.2311 ENCINITAS Making an appointment is as simple as picking up the phone and calling our office. You may become our patient either by making the appointment yourself or through a physician referral. We also welcome the opportunity to provide second opinions. We know how stressful initial diagnosis is, and we strive to keep waiting time for an appointment to a minimum but please realize that delays can occur due to emergencies and unforeseen patient needs. In order to evaluate your health, it is extremely important that we receive your medical records prior to or at the time of your scheduled visit. Please arrange to have your doctor send these to our office or you may bring them with you the day of your appointment. The physician will need to review any pathology, surgical reports, x-ray scans, laboratory results, medical notes and in-patient records. We accept most insurance carriers, and our staff will work with you before you come in for your appointment to help ensure that you will have the coverage you need. If you have a managed care plan that requires a referral from your primary care physician, it is your responsibility to make sure you have obtained a referral. Your referral may have a limit on the number of visits you are allowed and/or an expiration date. Please monitor this information and obtain updated referrals as required. Co-payments, deductibles and non-insurance covered medical services are due at the time of service.  Bring your insurance cards, which will help assure accurate billing information. Please show our receptionist your insurance card at every visit. If you are covered by a secondary insurance plan or have a Medicare supplemental plan, please make sure we have that information.  Let us know whenever you change your address, telephone number, employment, marital  Bring a list of your medications to each office visit; we review the prescription and over-the- counter medications that you are currently taking. If it is more convenient, bring your medication bottles with you. Remember that over the counter drugs include vitamins, herbs, aspirin, Tylenol, etc. Please allow a 48-hour turnaround for prescription refills. Also, some prescriptions for pain medications do not allow for refills. As a result, we request that you let us know prior to running out of your medication.  Write down any questions or concerns that you may have to discuss with your physician.  If you wish, bring someone with you to your visit(s) to help listen to your physician’s comments and responses to your questions. However, due to the size of our examination rooms and time restraints; we must limit this to one guest per patient. Please notify us if you would like to schedule a conference involving multiple family members/friends so that we may arrange adequate time and space to accommodate your request.  Make your next appointment every time you visit the office.  We understand that emergencies and special needs can occur, and we will do our very best to accommodate your specific needs. We request that should you need to cancel an appointment that you provide as much notice as possible in order for us to enable another patient to see the doctor.
Once you make an appointment, all facets of our services–from the latest research findings to the
most advanced technology–will be made available for your healing.
Please complete the enclosed patient registration form and history questionnaire before your first

Again, thank you for choosing our practice & welcome!

For further information, please visit us


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