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Interfaith calendar 2008.doc

Interfaith Calendar 2008

* Holy days begin at sundown the day before this date
** Regional customs, group preference or moon sightings may cause a variation of this date
January 2008

Mary, Mother of God – Catholic Christian
Feast Day of St Basil – Orthodox Christian
Gantan-sai (New Year) – Shinto
Twelfth Night – Christian
Gukru Gobindh Singh birthday – Sikh
Epiphany – Christian
Feast of the Theophany – Orthodox Christian
Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day) – Hispanic Christian
Feast of the Nativity – Orthodox Christian
Muharram (New Year)* - Islam
Baptism of the Lord Jesus – Christian
Maghi – Sikh
Maghi – Sikh
Blessing of the Animals – Hispanic Christian
18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Christian

World Religion Day – Baha’i
22-25 Mahayana New Year** – Buddhist
Conversion of St Paul – Christian

February 2008

Lammas – Christian (Southern Hemisphere)
Candlemas (Presentation of Christ in the Temple) – Christian
Imbolc* - Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Lughanssad* - Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
Four Chaplains Sunday – Interfaith
Transfiguration Sunday – Christian
Shrove Tuesday – Christian
Ash Wednesday (Lent begins) – Christian
Chinese New Year – Confucian/Daoist/Buddhist
Vasant Panchami** – Hindu
St Valentine’s Day – Christian
Nirvana Day – Buddhist
Triodion – Orthodox Christian
26 Feb – 1 Mar
Intercalary Days* – Baha’i

March 2008

Saturday of Souls – Orthodox Christian
St David of Wales – Christian
Meatfare Sunday – Orthodox Christian
Maha Shivaratri** – Hindu
Cheesefare Sunday – Orthodox Christian
Passion Sunday** – Christian
Lent begins (Clean Monday) – Orthodox Christian
Palm/Passion Sunday – Christian
Orthodox Sunday – Orthodox Christian
St Patrick’s Day – Christian
Mawlid an Nabi* – Islam
Ostara Vernal Equinox* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Mabon* – Wicca (Sothern Hemisphere)
Maunday Thursday – Christian
Good Friday – Christian
Purim* – Jewish
Norouz (New Year) – Persian/Zoroastrian
Naw Ruz (New Year) – Baha’i
Magha Puja** – Buddhist
Holi** – Hindu
Hola Mohalla – Sikh
Easter – Christian
Annunciation of the Virgin Mary – Christian
Khordad Sal (birth of Prophet Zaranhushtra) – Zoroastrian

April 2008

New Year** – Hindu
6-14 Ramayana** – Hindu
Baisakhi – Sikh
Ramanavami** – Hindu
Baisakhi – Sikh
Lazarus Saturday – Orthodox Christian
Hanuman Jayanti** – Hindu
Palm Sunday – Orthodox Christian
20-23 Theravadin New Year** – Buddhist
20-21 Pesach, first two days (Passover)* – Jewish
Ridvan begins* - Baha’i
St George’s Day – Christian
24-26 Pesach, final two days (Passover)* – Jewish
Holy Friday – Orthodox Christian
Easter/Pascha – Orthodox Christian
St James the Great Day – Orthodox Christian
Ascension of Christ – Christian
Beltane* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Samhain* – Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
Yom HaSho’ah* – Jewish
Yom Ha’Atzmaut* – Jewish
Pentecost – Christian
Trinity Sunday – Christian
Visakha Puja (Buddha Day)** – Buddhist
Corpus Christi – Catholic Christian
Declaration of the Bab* – Baha’i
Ascension of Baha’u’llah* – Baha’i
Sacred Heart of Jesus – Catholic Christian
Lag B’Omer* – Jewish

June 2008

Pentecost – Christian
Ascension of Jesus – Orthodox Christian
St Columba of Iona – Christian
9-10 Shavuot* – Jewish
Trinity – Christian
Corpus Christi – Catholic Christian
Pentecost – Orthodox Christian
Guru Arjan Dev Martyrdom – Sikh
New Church Day – Swedenborgian Christian
First Nations Day – Canadian Native People
Litha* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Yule* – Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
All Saints – Orthodox Christian
Sacred Heart of Jesus – Catholic Christian
Feast Day of St Peter and St Paul – Christian

July 2008

Martyrdom of the Bab* – Baha’i
St Benedict Day – Catholic Christian
13-16 Ulambana, Obon** – Buddhist
Asalha Puja Day (Dharma Day)** – Buddhist
Pioneer Day – Mormon Christian
St James the Great Day – Christian
Lailat al Miraj* - Islam

August 2008

Lammas – Christian
Fast in Honour of Holy Mother of Lord Jesus – Orthodox Christian
Lughnassad* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Imbolc* – Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
Transfiguration of Our Lord – Orthodox Christian
Tisha B’Av* – Jewish
Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary – Catholic Christian
Dormition of the Theotokos – Orthodox Christian
Raksha Bandhan** – Hindu
Lailat al Bara’ah* – Islam
Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Catholic Christian
Krishna Janmashtami** – Hindu
Beheading of John the Baptist – Christian
Lailat al Miraj* - Islam

September 2008

Church year begins – Orthodox Christian
Ramadan begins* – Islam
Ganesa Chaturthi** – Hindu
Nativity of Mary – Christian
Holy Cross Day – Christian
Mabon* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Ostara* – Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
Laylat al Kadar – Islam
Michael and All Angels – Christian
30 Sept – 1 Oct
Rosh Hashanah* – Jewish
30 Sept – 8 Oct
Navaratri** – Hindu

October 2008

Eid al Fitr (Ramadan ends)* – Islam
St Francis Day – Catholic Christian
Yom Kippur* – Jewish
Dasera** – Hindu
14-20 Sukkot* – Jewish
Birth of the Bab* – Baha’i
Installation of Scriptures as Guru Granth – Sikh
Semini Atzeret* – Jewish
Simhat Torah* – Jewish
Reformation Day – Protestant Christian
Milvian Bridge Day – Christian
Diwali/Deepavali** – Hindu/Sikh/Jain
All Hallows Eve – Christian
Reformation Day – Protestant Christian

November 2008

All Saints’ Day – Christian
Samhain* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Beltane* – Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
All Souls’ Day – Christian
Birth of Baha’u’llah* – Baha’i
Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib – Sikh
Nativity Fast begins – Orthodox Christian
Christ the King – Christian
Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom – Sikh
Day of Covenant* – Baha’i
Thanksgiving – Interfaith USA
Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Baha* – Baha’i
First Sunday of Advent – Christian
St Andrew’s Day – Christian

December 2008

Rohatsu (Bodhi Day)** – Buddhism
Immaculate Conception – Catholic Christian
Eid Al Adha* – Islam
Our Lady of Guadalupe (Feast Day) – Catholic Christian
Advent Fast begins – Orthodox Christian
16-25 Posedas Novidenas – Christian
Yule* – Wicca (Northern Hemisphere)
Litha* – Wicca (Southern Hemisphere)
Yule – Christian
22-29 Hanukkah* – Jewish

Christmas* – Christian
Feast of the Nativity** – Orthodox Christian
Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet Zarathushtra) – Zoroastrian
Holy Innocents – Christian
Feast of the Holy Family – Catholic Christian
Muharram (First Day of New Year)* – Islam
Watch Night – Christian


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