Contact:Eric Eddydouble E communications212-941-7590email: [email protected] WILD BRAIN ANIMATES LUNCHABLES CAMPAIGN FOR KRAFT FOODS
Award-Winning Animation Studio Creates New ‘Lunchables Brigade’ Icons;
Treatment of 3D Animé Characters with Flat Color Rendering A Fresh Look for
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 1, 2005 – – Wild Brain director Phil Robinson recently
led a team of artists in the creation of three new spots for Kraft Lunchables and J. Walter Thompson. The campaign, including ‘Music Mania’ (airing 2/7/05), ‘Lunchables Brigade’ (airing 3/28/05) and ‘Chicken Shake-Up’ (airing 5/2/05), features 3D animé-style characters that Wild Brain designed and animated.
Wild Brain breathed life into the Lunchables Brigade – comprised of the iconic kid characters Oscar, Maya, and Able (the last part of Lunch-Able) – and gave each kid a distinct personality and superhero look. Oscar is fun-loving, Meier is a sporty athletic girl The theme of the campaign centers on the Lunchables Brigade saving kids from their boring lunches. The Lunchables Brigade monitors the world from their full-of-gadgets tree house hideout to find kids who are eating routine lunches. Once alerted to another routine lunch, they jump into action, taking off in their mobile tree house to save the day and provide Lunchables to their new friends. In these spots, the tree house transforms into a flying rocket, a walking robot, and a hot rod.
8000 F/ 415 553-8009 W/ www.wildbrain.com Wild Brain animated each character in their 3D environments using Maya software.
Rendering the characters with a toon shader created a fresh, stylized cartoon look unique to advertising in the kid’s food category.
“This project builds on Wild Brain’s growing body of work in the CG character animation arena,” commented Phil Robinson, creative director of Wild Brain. “The Lunchables work is a great follow up to our development of the now-famous Digger character for Lamisil. We look forward to a long-running campaign and to the further adventures of the Lunchables Brigade, saving the world one lunch at a time.” Technologies used: Maya, After Effects.
WILD BRAIN, INC. is an award-winning animation studio that develops and producescontent for the global film, TV, commercials, and interactive markets. Founded in 1994,Wild Brain's client list includes the biggest names in media and entertainment: Universal,Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, CartoonNetwork and Oxygen. Wild Brain is the top U.S. producer in the animated commercialssector, with a client list that includes Nike, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nabisco, Sony, McDonald's,Target, Nestle, The Wall Street Journal, Chevrolet, Mattel and Levi Strauss, amongothers. Additionally, the company has animated some of the best-known icons inadvertising, from the Hershey's Kisses to the KFC Colonel and more.
Wild Brain's presence as an industry leader is a testament to the company's diversetalent base of artists, directors and production staff. Renowned for blending traditionalanimation methods with state-of-the-art tools, the work of the studio's talented artists hasgarnered nominations and awards from every major design and animation organizationin the industry, including the Oscar, Emmy™ and Clio.

Source: http://www.wildbrain.com/press/releases/Lunchables_Campaign.pdf

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